Amy Laney –

My name is Amy, obviously. I have been involved and watched football for over 10 years. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. On that note… the refs this year are horrible. Please allow me to point out 2 calls today alone. The Steelers ravens fame saying the ravens got an interception. Are you kidding me ? His knee is obviously down. 2nd one, but by far not the only mistakes they have made was the cardinals 49ers game. It was obvious Ellington maintained control and was inbounds, but I was reversed. Where was the concrete evidence to overturn that. Please tell me the refs make it not even fun because no matter how hard the players try the refs call what they want. Maybe it’s uneducation maybe it’s people on a power trip but it needs to be stopped. If they can’t ref right they need to lost their jobs. It’s going to end up getting someone hurt one day.