Brent Williams –

The Raiders and Chiefs game on 10/20/17 was one the worst officiated games that I have seen in several years. The Raiders ripped Tyreek Hills’ helmet off on a return. Facemask and clothesline tackles were too numerous and some were not called. The Raiders were ruthless and vicious beyond the conduct that should be expected from a professional player. This game was turned into a bloodsport. The Chiefs made some stupid interference plays on defense. However, calling three pass interference infractions to give the Raiders three shots at scoring a TD with no time left on the clock was ludicrous. The Raiders were definitely given more freedom to abuse the rules of the game. I am surprised players on both side weren’t seriously injured or lost for the season. Please have the ref’s review this to improve their control of a game that got out hand. My question for the ref crew is would you have gotten out of the stadium safely if the Chiefs had won. I would assume you have police escorts and disguises to get out of the Oakland Coliseum.

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