D Powell – dannp08@gmail.com

I have seen some bad calls in my life but never wrote in about them. However, after seeing the refereeing in the Saint-Falcons game on Thursday, 12/7/17, I simply had to write in, and it was truly “the” most disgusting display of cheating by the referees I have ever seen in all my years of watching professional football. You have a Falcons player poking a Saints player in the eye through his face mask — an illegal and very serious offense for which the Saints player could have lost his sight and for which the Falcons player should have been removed from the game — and yet no flag was thrown or penalty called by the referees. You then have a Falcons player hit a Saints player hard in the small of the back, potentially damaging the Saints player’s spine and/or kidneys — another serious and illegal offense which should have been called as unnecessary roughness — and yet no flag was thrown or penalty called by the referees. Then, at the end of the game, the referees fail to call holding or pass interference on the Falcons defensive player who put both hands on both shoulders of the Saints receiver thereby preventing him from catching a touchdown pass, and instead call an interception for the Falcons. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And don’t get me started on the call before half time, in which the referees called back the field goal and refused to put time back on the clock thereby ending the half with a tie. And you actually have the nerve to say your referees are not biased! WHAT A JOKE!!! Atlanta only won that game as a result of the referees cheating time and time again — and in two instances — on plays that could have resulted in very serious injuries to the Saints players. These bad calls are even more glaring when you consider what had just happened in the Pittsburgh game the previous week in which a player ultimately had to have surgery to realign his spine. I can’t help wondering: How much did the referees in the Saints-Falcons game get paid to throw that game to the Falcons? The referees in the Saints-Falcons game are an embarrassment to the referee profession. They should be fired or, at the very least, suspended for the rest of the season and post season. But, as usual, you will do absolutely nothing, just as you always do. YOUR PROFESSION HAS BECOME AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. YOU ARE QUICKLY DEVELOPING A REPUTATION FOR BEING EVEN MORE DISHONEST THAN USED CAR SALESMEN AND MORE CORRUPT THAN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS … AND THAT’S PRETTY BAD. After the Saints-Falcons game, I will never have the same respect for referees that I once did. I thought you were fair and honest people, but after the Saints-Falcons game, I now realize how very wrong I was about referees. You’re just a bunch of crooks who don’t care about the players. You’d rather ignore serious, potentially life threatening penalties and make some extra money to throw a game for the crooks and gamblers out there, than call a game fairly and justly. To the Saints-Falcons referees: I feel very sorry for you. What pathetic and desperate human beings you must be to find it more rewarding to cheat and make a few extra bucks to throw a game than to be an honorable person who takes pride in being the best, fairest, most honest referee in your profession. So sad.

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