Please let me ask you does every NFL owner try to pay you guy’s for bad call’s or is it just a certain team in the north that has a history were rules are consistently broken with very little real consequence. and being that you guys make just over 100 grand a year why not look towards a team that has shown their commitment to do anything to win for some payoff cash. I have been an NFL fan for over 50 years spent a lot of money on tickets and jerseys and such. but thanks to you guys maybe not all. but definitely some. I stopped watching and I can verify that at least 100 more just like me that have done the same.My Super Bowl {prediction} New England will be losing the super bowl on Feb 4 2018 until 6 minutes left of the 4th quarter when like clockwork you will make your 5 or 6 bull $hit calls to give the momentum to the Patriots . and if that isn’t enough you will make up some new calls ie sideline violations, taunting, ball scratching,and such. you should be glad this is not China they would bring you to the middle of the field and you would receive your punishment live on tv for the whole country to watch. but we can always hope we could adapt to new laws of punishment just for creeps like you. here’s to hoping they weed you guys out before some 6’6 320-pound linemen with a real drive to go the H.O.F realizes you’re not going to let that happen either he’s on a team where the owner won’t play that grease the palm crap. or just because you have your own agenda. and then the said player accidentally puts you on a stretcher. ok so I could be completely mistaken and if so please accept my sincere apologies. but deep down we all know I might not have all the details right.but I’m not mistaken. and you wonder why your wife is sleeping with your are a waste of human flesh. damn you for ruining the only sport I truly love to follow. now it’s golf or baseball or until you figure out to ruin those two and leave me nothing but men’s figure skating at which point I’ll take a long walk on a short pier… GFY sincerely E.J.M.