Jessica Stall –

The most absolute worst ref calls of my life were seen tonight during saints and Vikings. I’M IN AWE THAT A NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE CAN AND DOES ALLOW SUCH INSAIN CALLS.

HELLO THE WORLD IS WATCHING. I worked for the NFL and i can only say a bounty scandal, extreme pay off, or very 1 sided refs made the most humiliating calls in my life time. Those Refs, Gene Steratore, needs to be fired and a HUGE FINE SHOULD Be charged to all involved in tje “set-up”. Wrong is wrong right is right and fair is fair. If be hiding in another country if i ever was affiliated with the crooks that portrayed such clear biased calls. Flag on almost every play. How? Please explain to me the circumstances of your hiring process because as of tomorrow, call me a ref
A legit NFL ref. I probably will need to get my flash cards out on the field and have the millionaires who don’t know shit in New York watch a bogus play and debate for 5 min what the rules are. No more football league. The boycotts are starting already with the plain blatant ignorance of the owners, the stupidity crooks yall call refs and the guys who are playing a “GAME” for human entertainment ungodly disrespecting their rights as a citizen of the United States of America.