Lisa D –

Hi, I just want to know how you can be so obvious about your calls against one team and not the other. In the first half of the Patriots vs Buccaneers game, Brady was hit late a number of times and no calls. Buccaneers are holding left and right and then when the Patriot’s player gets held then pushed into the quarterback, a roughing the passer call is made. Isn’t your job to keep control of a game. Why was there no call against the player grabbing Butler at the end of the second when the big fight broke out? These officials are a disgrace. The Patriots Defense is awful and I could care win or lose if the team you root for loses on their own, but when the Refs are the cause it is disgraceful. Such as the call in the end of the Patriots Panthers game…The call before Chungs was total BS. Maybe you hate NE but I don’t care. You have a job to do and you should be accountable for a bad called game.