Maria Rosario –

We want a fair game for the Super Bowl the reasons the New England got there was because you guys helped them and they never got penalized for extra players because you were there extra players nobody wants New England there except for their fans nobody else you’re losing fans because of bad calls because you’ve been losing fans for few years before Donald Trump interrupted the NFL so you want to keep fans you better make sure that every single call is correct and every single call that needs to be called a New England is called we are tired of this you took away chances of other teams that could be there and that is unfair but you can deal with your God with that it’s not about money it’s not about players it’s about the love for the game and you’re taking that away from a lot of fans that don’t want to watch anymore because of you guys if the game is not fair and I can sue you I will it’s not fair to the teams that could have made it there