Randy Tyler – rgt1533@gmail.com

I’m sure that I’m wasting my time even writing this post . As a minister and one who preaches and lives a life of honesty and integrity, I must admit it’s getting very difficult to even watch NFL games anymore. The Saints / Falcons game was horrendous to say the least. I’ll simply make an overall statement, rather than many comments. It was OBVIOUS the agenda on Thursday night was for Atlanta to win. No one can deny that point. The reasoning may vary from the NFL being biased, showing favoritism or the economic benefits gained by a tighter NFC battle going down to the wire as well as Atlanta struggling to fill their new multi million dollar facility? I may not know the motive, but the refereeing was embarrassing and indefensible. In the end the NFL only accomplishment was losing more fans and revenue because all the world realized that NFL games aren’t played on an even playing field anymore.

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