Robert Troup –

The refs in the Pittsburg game are pussies and I want to lineup against them. Assholes we don’t watch agame to see you fags we want to see the rel men!!!! Fuck you all that keep penalizing the steelers for pussy rules! By a man and let the big boys play! Fuck the refs! Fuck all the refs moving fo ward because they don’t like the way the steelers play! Suck it fags!

I have to wear glasses because I have an issue with seeing thing but your staff have got to get their heads out of their asses because they can’t see through all their shit from the bangles assholes! Jerry fuck you! Happy fuck you day!

How many of you fuck shits want the steelers to lose?????????? Fuck off! Let me know if we can ever meet!

I can’t believe the incompetence of these assholes your Nkomo going to call a guy for pass interference when he tackles a guy in the end zone but you call a holding penalty for some one when they suck and turn their back and it it results in a return of a touchdown! Shame on your pothiticmess


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