scott bissitt –

I was just watching the sunday night football game between the broncos and the giants. I have been a long time supporter of professional football. , however from what i was watching about tonights game , with the refs not calling CLEAR facemasks, which the giants were doing , and blatently late hits , on down players , it is my sad announcement that i will no longer be supporting the nfl!!!! I was watching the broncos play BEFORE Elway, and am so pissed off at what it has become, with the referees , making bad calls back and forth so blatently in front of the ones who PAY the wages of the owners., and players. Soon their wont be any fans left!! Already i have seen fan after fan where i live starting too burn their teams jerseys,. These players get God awful amounts of money, and wont honor their nations flag!!! Many people are hungry, and need help , and heres these players griping on the air!!! Oh yeah and another thing:: what is up with the announcers clear BIASED statements about the visiting team instead of honoring the HOME team!! U am fed up with the BS! You lost another fan and the money i would have spent on the NFLs equipment!!! Good Bye!

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