Week 11 – General Discussion

See anything fun this weekend?  Any horrible calls?  Discuss them here!



  1. Who was th young man officiating theMiai Virigina TEch game?

  2. Has anyone else noticed flagrant holding not being called in NCAA Div I ball games? I mostly watch Big12 and I see it all the time and am really getting tired of it. Maybe that is one of the reasons there are so many noted quarterbacks in the Big 12?

  3. What was up with Scott Green and crew today in Pittsburgh? There were many penalties against both teams, yet Pitt was penalized about 5-1 today. And on that last TD by Polamalu, they called a forward pass on Pittsburgh, but there wasn’t even one marginally close to a forward pass. Throughout the whole game they would just call holds on kick returns, but not actually give a number on the penalty, implying it didn’t happen? I’m not implying Scott Green is the next Tim Donaghy, but Mike Pereira better discipline this crew, because they genuinely ruined the game

  4. Scott — I think the illegal forward pass was the little flip that Sproles (I think) tossed before the longer throw that Polamalu grabbed. As for the rest of your points, they’re quite valid. 🙂

  5. Very shady call there. And there was a lot of money on the line with that call. The flip from Sproles was not illegal either at least from watching the replays and live coverage CBS showed. Very weird ending. I would love to hear the conference call Mike Pereira has with Scott Green this week.

  6. Actually there were a total of 3 flags called on SD one illegal contact that was declined, one false start and the illegal forward pass at the end of the game. Official stats have penalties as: SD 2-5 yds, Pitt 13-115 yds.

  7. I think I’m done with NFL the Chargers@Steelers game was the last straw! Can not belive the officials get paid for this. Absolutely crooked officiating This game needs to be investigated.It is fixed no doubt!Can we sue the officials it totaly underminds the NFL.
    I am so pissed off!

  8. It’s obvious Pittsburg scored a touchdown after the football was dropped on the laterals. Will the score be changed to reflect the touchdown the referees called? How will Vegas handle this?

  9. The illegal forward pass was from LT. If you watch the ball you’ll notice it goes forward, not backward. The ball is dead when an illegal forward pass happens. Therefore, no touchdown for Pittsburgh.

  10. On second thought maybe the ball isn’t dead. I’ll check the rulebook tomorrow to see whether the ball is dead or not.

  11. Im absolutely horrified by the continuing bad calls on fumbles or non-fumbles throughout the year. It seems like there is a very concerted effort by officials to NOT call fumbles on offense. On many instances there is an official standing in clear sight of the fumble and calling/whistling the play dead.
    First, officials should NOT have the power to call a play dead before it is completely finished. That really needs to be looked at now, not next year. This idea that an official should have that much power in any game is absurd.
    Second, some of these non-fumble calls are happening when the players are still upright (nowhere near the ground). Anyone recall a Tony Romo fumble earlier in the year that the refs clearly missed?
    Third, official reviews from upstairs should not be limited to a certain portion of the game only. Either do it the whole game or dont do it at all. It is quite an advantage for a call to be missed when some team hurries up to the line and there is no official review in that portion of the game.
    The game has been flawed even moreso than the rules already were making it (ie the push out rule is a horrific addition to the rules this year negating great play by receivers). I live here in las Vegas and pretty much have had to just remove myself from betting on the NFL. Two games ive bet in parlays have been among the biggest blown calls of the year. Its now become a spectator, non-betting sport for me but im still outraged because the continued calls that are compromising the actual outcomes and margins of victories.
    For some reason this years officiating has been severely flawed and a lot of the ones im interested in are centered around fumbles. Im almost positive that something had to have been said at the beginning year to protect offenses by blowing possible fumbles dead whenever anything remotely looking like a possible pass is involved. I was shaking my head again today at two plays. 1) Washingtons amazing effort to down the ball at the 1 yard line was called a touchback and upheld by the booth upstairs. This almost certainly was one of those “not enough to overturn” BS rulings. Hey, that particular type of cant over turn scenario needs to be addressed to because that player made one hell of a play and it got called wrong on a technicality of how the play was initially called. 2) Probably the second worst call ive seen since Ed Hocule ruined San Diego vs Denver was this non sense that Pittsburgh did not actually score a TD at the end of the game vs San Diego. This was one of the easiest calls to make and im stunned that upstairs reviewed it and the refs were in disagreement with their video assessment. This is WAY too much power given to the refs at this point. How can they veto the upstairs video replay decision? That kind of approach to the game is just plain wrong and taints the outcome. I actually had predicted San Diego would cover and was ready to concede that Pitt got the TD and that my thoughts on the line were inaccurate. However, I didnt factor in the refs and maybe thats what I have to do from now on when predicting a line. Why should my football picks have to now factor in referee bad calls in reference to the line or a perception on who “should” cover?
    They need to do a better job or I wont even worry about recording the games and the NFL will feel to me just like the NBA, a game that I am a non spectator in with too many officiating mysteries.
    Why cant I fine the NFL like do their players when affects bets of five digit payouts? They owe me a lot…

  12. The Pitt/SD game was so FIXED it’s crazy. Two plays earlier, the Steelers had a TD called back for holding. Then, in total desperation, the officials call for a review on a play that “doesn’t matter”??

    FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX. It’s disgusting.

  13. That Pittsburgh crew should be fired. That was the worst officiated game ever, punctuated by that last call. The referee didn’t know to signal touchdown or fix his hat!! More than once. Just awful this entire season. Instant replay has made them complacent and blind.

  14. John Liosatos says

    It’s blatantly obvious Mr Green was on the take in this game. He should
    be investigated by the FBI. He reversed 2 Steeler TDs in the final 20 seconds.

  15. NFL refs are too slow and too fat to keep up with the speed of the current crop of NFL players.

  16. Wow, I can’t believe I started all of this. In defense of Scott Green, the holding call on McHugh WAS legit with 20 seconds to go. But that seemed like the only one.

  17. It’s it funny that since Palamolu and Ward met with the NFL concerning the rules, Hines has been penalized at least 5 times for “holding” and most of Troy’s incredible plays have been called back, incomplete, whatever the stripes can get away with calling- It is hard enough to beat 11 players in the NFL let alone the ones in the striped shirts, too. All of the officals in the NFL need to go back to school- some to the local fitness center to be able to keep up and learn the rules of the game. It amazes me that even after looking at a replay it still takes 6 men to make a decision on a call.

  18. Here’s the explanation from the NFL concerning the last play between SD and Pitt:

    On the final play of Sunday’s game between the Chargers and Steelers, Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu returned a loose ball 12 yards for a defensive touchdown.

    After an instant replay review and crew conference, the on-field ruling of touchdown was incorrectly reversed to no touchdown due to an illegal forward pass by San Diego.

    There were three passes on the play. The first was a completed forward pass from San Diego’s Philip Rivers to LaDainian Tomlinson. The second, from Tomlinson to Chris Chambers, was initially ruled a legal backward pass but then reversed in replay to an illegal forward pass. The third, from Chambers, was a legal backward pass that hit the ground and was returned for the touchdown by Pittsburgh’s Polamalu.

    The incorrect reversal of the on-field ruling of touchdown was acknowledged immediately following the game by referee Scott Green in the pool report interview with a representative of the media.

    If any forward pass, legal or illegal, hits the ground, the play is dead immediately. The officiating crew mistakenly determined that the backward pass that Polamalu legally recovered and returned for the touchdown was the pass that was reversed in replay to being forward and illegal. Therefore, the crew ruled that the ball was dead when it hit the ground and the play was over. (The actual illegal forward pass – Tomlinson to Chambers – did not hit the ground and therefore the play is allowed to continue.)

    If the situation had been handled properly, the defense (Pittsburgh) would have declined the penalty for an illegal forward pass from Tomlinson to Chambers and taken the touchdown.

    The rules relevant to this particular play are as follows…

    Rule 8, Section 1, Article 1 (b) states “When any illegal forward pass is caught or intercepted, the ball may be advanced and the penalty declined.” (page 49 of 2008 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League)

    Rule 8, Section 1, Article 5 states “Any forward pass (legal or illegal) becomes incomplete and the ball is dead immediately if the pass strikes the ground or goes out of bounds.” (page 50 of 2008 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League)

    Rule 8, Section 4, Article 1 (b) states “A defensive player may catch a backward pass or recover it after the pass touches the ground and advance.” (page 58 of 2008 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League)

    The final score will remain Steelers 11, Chargers 10.

  19. The Intergrity of the League is at stake on this one.

    AFTER the replay review, Green stated on national television that the score stands, he then RAISED HIS ARMS IN THE AIR to signal TD, then said there was NO NEED for the extra point try, the game is over. Then he awkwardly adjusted his hat and walked away. Then the telecast went into the closing credits.
    Then during the highlights, we find out that the score WAS NOT AWARDED and that Green adjusted the score AFTER he announced the game was over.

    I’m not saying Green and his crew made money on the game- BUT IT DAM SURE LOOKS LIKE THEY DID.

    The points need to be awarded…. not for Vegas… but for the teams who may be in the playoffs. The total points scored is the tiebreaker.
    Plus, the refs have ROBBED Polomalu TWICE before of interceptions.

    It sure questions the justification of the League’s fine on Sean Payton in September for questioning the refs.

    It ALSO HIGHLIGHTS THE HYPOCRACY of the League for making the Rooneys part with their shareholder who has interests in a casino… isn’t it hypocritical when the League itself is in bed with Vegas? After all.. isn’t that the ONLY reason why the scorebooks, the points and the stats can’t be adjusted now? Because of the gambling ties associated?

  20. I know people who dont even follow football who are talking about how corrupt the refs are, how they are betting on games and they site the Steeler-Charger game and Scott Green’s crew as proof.

    If they dont fix this it will genuinely change the opinion of many regarding the integrity of the NFL.

  21. Scott 'Vegas' Green says

    Scott Green’s crew shows without a doubt how CORRUPT the NFL is.
    Even after an OBVIOUSLY biased 13-2 penalty rash against Pittsburgh, he also took away 2 Steeler TD’s in the last 22 seconds of the game just to beat the spread… and one of them AFTER he announced the end of the game.


    If this is how corrupt they are, we no longer will be a part of it.

    I’ll go if the tickets are free.. otherwise I’ll watch it on TV.
    2 days later and I’m still so mad I could spit. Something I wholeheartedly believed in is corrupt and I just witnessed it on live TV. And for the record: I dont gamble, I base my whole point on values and integrity.

  22. KMG, that is not true. If the referees would have let the play continue as they were supposed to, the play would have ended with a Polamalu TD. Pittsburgh would have declined the penalty and took the TD. Instead, they killed the play with the forward pass (still debatable whether it was a forward Pass).

    Let me ask this though, why was the play every reviewed in the first place? Do we now have to be concerned with officials in the booth being able to control outcomes of games. It is hard not to believe that gambling isn’t involved.

  23. The Great Dave says

    It’s obvious that ref had money on the game.

  24. ANY one happen to see the no call facemask on Duante Culpepper? This was an obvious no call that affected the score of the game.


  25. Anyone know why Scott Green’s crew was able to change the score AFTER he signalled the end of the game?

    Can they just go back later and say… after further review, we’re taking points off the board? If so… why doesn’t he walk outside right now and announce.. after further review, it is a TD and award the points and stats.

    Are they just waiting for the Vegas tickets to expire?

  26. REFS SHOULD BE FINED when they screw up like Scott Green did.