Week 11 – NFL Officials Game Assignments

As always, let’s figure out who is working each game this week.  Here’s the list we’ve got for week 11.



  1. Referee for Patriots/Jets is Gene Steratore according to Patriots Today game blog.

  2. Harry — Thanks for the info! It’s up there now.

  3. Who is officiating the Dallas/washington Game?

  4. Jan,

    We don’t know yet. As soon as we find out we’ll have it posted on our week 11 page.

  5. Thank you. I am thinking that if Ed Huchuli is eligable, he’ll e the referee.

  6. Week #11 2008

    Cowboys VS Redskins —> Referee is Jeff Triplette

    Hochuli not working a Cowboys game yet!!!!

  7. Week #11 2008

    Bears VS Packers

    Referee is Walt Anderson

  8. Thanks for those updates. They’re up now.

  9. Thank you forthe information.

  10. I knew that Ed Huchuli has not officated a cowboys game this year. Did you know that you an learn who officaited which games at MSN sports? About 30-45 minutes after the game the name of wo officaited the ames is available under box scpre.

  11. Hi Jan,

    Yes,,, but better yet subscribe to DirecTV & get NFL Ticket and get SuperFan/SuperCast(internet use to watch the game).


  12. Week #11 2008

    Raiders VS Dolphins

    Referee is Ed Hochuli

  13. Ed Hochuli has officiated a Cowboys game this year. Although it was a preseason game between Dallas and Denver.

    Not sure if preseason games count against an officials per team limit.

  14. KMG I don’t know if pre-season games count against the game limit.

  15. Carl Cheffers is working the Texans/Colts game.

  16. Shane Spencer says

    BAL @ NYG – Ron Winter
    DEN @ ATL – Pete Morelli

  17. Thanks! Those (and a few others) are updated now.

  18. Shane Spencer says

    SD @ PIT – Scott Green
    ARI @ SEA – Bill Carollo

  19. Shane Spencer says

    So that leaves either Terry McAulay or Jerome Boger for the CLE @ BUF game…since Terry McAulay refereed a Monday night game earlier this season (PHI @ DAL – 9/15/2008) and Jerome Boger yet to referee a Monday night game this season, I think Jerome Boger will referee the CLE @ BUF game.

  20. If anyone watched the steelers / san diego game, they should be HIGHLY UPSET with the way the officials called this game. It was the most disgraceful performance I’ve EVER seen. Every official in that game should be FIRED after this digraceful display of BULLSHIT calls. This was the most lopsided called game I’ve ever seen. They need to be held accountable for BLOWN calls, and they had alot of them. The league needs to adress this issue, and start removing them from play.

  21. Scott 'Vegas' Green says

    I agree wholeheartedly, matt.
    I know as for me, my family and my friends, Scott Green’s crews performance cost the NFL revenue. Scott Green’s crew shows without a doubt how CORRUPT the NFL is.


    If this is how corrupt they are, we no longer will be a part of it.

    I’ll go if the tickets are free.. otherwise I’ll watch it on TV.
    2 days later and I’m still so mad I could spit. Something I wholeheartedly believed in is corrupt and I just witnessed it on live TV. And for the record: I dont gamble, I base my whole point on values and integrity.