Week 12 – General Discussion

So what kind of wild stuff have you seen this week in football?



  1. What game will Mike Carey offiate in?Where will Ed Hochuli be at?

  2. I’m still mad as hell about Scott Green’s performance in the PITT-SD game last week. It was SO one-sided I am convinced he had money on the game.

    Anyone know why it is allowed to change the score AFTER the end of the game was announced?

    This reeks of corruption.

  3. Isn’t it hypocritical of the league to fine coaches for pointing out how inept the refs are??? when they REALLY ARE inept?

    REFS SHOULD BE FINED when they screw up like Scott Green did.

  4. Dave I agree with you 100%

  5. Hochuli WILL NOT be in Texas for the 49ers VS Cows.


  6. Thank you Tex. Will Mike Carey be the Referee?

  7. Two refereees as far as I know have been demoted after messing up on a call. Ron BLum and PHil LUckett.

  8. what happened during the in-game fight in the Dolphins/Patriots game?

  9. what happened during the fight in the Dolphins/Patriots game?

  10. Dustin Young says

    The referees in the titans jets game called titans for pass interference 100 times. lol

  11. I looked at the information on The Texans/browns game and read that Ed was the referee. Also, Fox sports did not say anything anout Ed being demoted.

  12. Tim,
    During a field goal try, Matt Light (NE) ripped Channing Crowder’s (MIA) helmet off. Crowder shoved Light so Light grabbed his hair and started throwing punches. Both of them got tossed.

  13. Just wondering if anyone knows how the refs bye weeks work? I’m a big fan of Jerome Boger and noticed he did not do a week 12 game yet. I know he worked week 11’s Monday night game. Just seems odd to me that he would get back to back, unless he is off this week. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Did anyone catch the bad pass interference call during the fourth quarter of the Titans vs. Jets game?

  15. I saw that game, along with the Giants/Cardinals game and there were really no bad PI calls in either game. The officials did very well. Kudos to Pete Morelli and his crew for finally calling some penalties on the Giants secondary. Its about time. He really does a great job keeping control in the games he works. In my opinion, next to Terry McCauley, he is the best official in football.

  16. Greg Yes as far as I know the oficials have a bye week. There are no more bye weeks until next season.

  17. The NFL Officials usually get 2 bye weeks a year. It all depends on illnesses or injuries.

    Several officials will still receive another week off. So there are more bye weeks for them.

  18. Here are The officials that have already had 2 bye weeks off:

    There are 17 NFL Crews.