Week 12 – NFL Officials Game Assignments

Who is working each game this weekend?  Help us fill out the weekly list!



  1. Ron Winter is working tonight’s CIN/PIT game.

  2. Updated, thanks!

  3. I just saw that. Thanks forthe information

  4. What unlucky team has Scott Green’s crew? Anyone know the spread or who Green has money on?

  5. Week #12 2008

    49ers VS Cowboys

    Referee is Mike Carey

  6. Added, thanks!

  7. Ed Hochuli is working the Texans/Browns game.

  8. Shane Spencer says

    PHI @ BAL – Walt Anderson

  9. Ed Hochuli’s luggage must have gotten lost. He’s wearing the Head Linesman’s #28 jersey.

  10. Those two have been updated, along with a few others. Thanks!

  11. Shane Spencer says

    NYG @ ARI – Pete Morelli
    WAS @ SEA – Scott Green

  12. It looks like Ed got demoted. Oy

  13. Naw,,,,, Ed Hochuli did not get demoted.

    Ed Hochuli’s Muscles Ripped thru his #85 Referee Jacket & he had to borrow the HL #28 Back up Jacket.

  14. Thank you for the letting us know what happened.