NFL Playoffs — Officials Game Assignments

Now that the playoff picture is virtually complete, it’s time to figure out which refs will be at each game.   Here’s the list.  Whatcha got?


  1. Spoke with Walt Coleman today. He said he’s not working this weekend, so he can be marked out. However, the divisional weekend, conference weekend, and super bowl will be determined after this weekend’s games.

  2. Anyone know who is working the Wildcard Games?

    They start on Saturday!


  3. John Parry in Arizona for Falcons@Cardinals

  4. Updated. Thanks Russ!

  5. any news on if ed hochuli will be doing a game this weekend?

  6. Updated the Miami game, thanks!

  7. Sorry Mikefanoffootball for not answering this sooner. I found Parry from another site behind the stripes. It did not list anything about his crew there but I know SJ#7 Kieth Washington will not be there since he is a rookie. where did you find Hochuli?

  8. confirmed Hochuli’s appointment to the Dolphins-Ravens game on Sunday.

  9. Why is the NFL so in love with John Parry? I have seen him work more nationally televised games than any other referee in the past 2 years, and he loves the camera so much I want to call him Jerry Markbreit Jr.! He is a decent referee, but i feel that there are several other veteran referees who deserve more exposure than this guy.

  10. Colts@Chargers-Ron Winter
    Eagles@Vikings-Tony Corrente

  11. Updated, thanks!

  12. Hi Mikefan,

    Here is Hochuli’s Crew:

    He will be in a warm atmosphere & hopefully be wearing short sleeves to show off his “Guns”




  13. as of right now nothing is posted but the head referee. I will be on the lookout and will post stuff when I know it

  14. officials for Falcons@Cardinals

    Referee-John Parry #132
    Umpire-Carl Pagnelli #124 (Boger)
    HL-Derrick Bowers #74 (Parry)
    LJ-Ron Marinucci #107 (Parry)
    SJ- ?
    BJ-Perry Pagnelli #46 (Parry)
    FJ-Craig Wrolstad #4 (Parry)

    *I don not know who the SJ is or who the alternates are. Will Post when I know

  15. James Coleman is the Side Judge on Parry’s crew.


    See above for the Hochuli Crew for Sunday’s Game.


  16. Alternates for Falcons VS Cardinals

    Carl Cheffers #51
    George Hayward #54


  17. alternates:

    Umpire-Garth Defelice #53 (Cheffers)
    FJ-Rob Vernatchi #75 (Morelli)

  18. Replay Officials for Today’s games:

    Falcons@Cardinals-Bill Spyksma (Coleman)
    Colts@Chargers-Ken Baker (Winter)

  19. Replay Official for Ravens@Dolphins:

    Lloyd McPeters (Triplette)

  20. Officiating Crew:

    Referee-Tony Corrente #99
    Umpire-Richard Hall #49 (Morelli)
    HL-John McGrath #120 (Corrente)
    LJ-John Hussey #35 (Corrente)
    SJ-Jeff Lamberth #103 (Cheffers)
    BJ-Dino Pagnelli #105 (Cheffers)
    FJ-Mike Weir #50 (Corrente)
    ALT HL-Steve Stelljes #22 (Triplette)
    ALT BJ-Kirk Dornan #6 (Morelli)

  21. Replay Official for Eagles@Vikings was Bob Mantooth (Corrente).

  22. larry phillips says

    how do you get to the behind the stripes web page to see who is officiating what game? did google and could not find such web page.

  23. it is the 3rd result on google. you have to click on discussion board and before you can get on to the discusion board, you will have to register.

  24. I heard Gene Steratore is in Carolina. I am not positive though

  25. Shane Spencer says

    I hope Scott Green does not officiate the SD @ PIT playoff game this year…he was very clueless back on 11/16/2008 when those two teams met. In fact, he’s a faggot!

  26. Here’s the crew for the game in Carolina. (Mostly Anderson’s)

    R – #114 Gene Steratore
    U – #40 Butch Hannah
    HL – #110 Phil McKinnely
    LJ – #90 Mike Spanier
    FJ – #33 Steve Zimmer
    SJ – #125 Laird Hayes
    BJ – #37 Jiom Howey
    ALT – #81 Roy Ellison
    ALT – #80 Greg Gautreaux

    Plus, I believe the crews of Carey, Leavy and McAulay will also work this weekend. No idea on substitutes if any.

  27. Crew for Ravens@Titans:

    Referee-Terry McAulay
    Umpire-Bruce Stritesky #102 (McAulay)
    HL-Wayne Mackie #106 (McAulay)
    LJ-Mark Steinkerchner #84 (McAulay)
    SJ-Michael Banks #72 (McAulay)
    BJ-Bob Lawing #17 (McAulay)
    FJ-Dyrol Prioleau #109 (McAulay)
    ALT BJ-Steve Freeman #133 (Triplette)
    ALT FJ-Scott Edwards #3 (Carollo)

    *does anyone know whether this is Prioleau or Mackie’s first playoff game.

  28. Prioleau was a rookie official last year on Tony Corrente’s crew, and Mackie was a rookie official on Walt Coleman’s crew. As rookies, they were not eligible for the playoffs last year.

  29. FYI, I can tell you which officials worked playoff games going back to the 2002 season, and for referees only going back to 1985.

  30. Please change referee of Cardinals @ Panthers to Gene Steratore.

  31. KMG – Done, thanks!

  32. please change Ravens@Titans to Terry McAulay.

  33. Russ – All set.

  34. Mike Carey is the Giants-Eagles Ref.

  35. Anyone figure out who has the Steelers/Chargers game this week?

  36. Updated with Mike Carey, thanks.

  37. Crew for Eagles@Giants:

    Referee-Mike Carey #94
    Umpire-Dan Ferrell #64 (Carey)
    HL-Tom Staible #24 (Steratore)
    LJ-Darryl Lewis #130 (Morelli)
    SJ-Don Carlsen #39 (Carey)
    BJ-Don Carey #126 (Carey)
    FJ-Buddy Horton #82 (Carey)
    ALT Umpire-Tony Michaleak (Swing Official)
    ALT HL-Jerry Bergmann #91 (Boger)

  38. Crew for Chargers@Steelers:

    Referee-Bill Leavy #127
    Umpire-Darrell Jenkins #76(Leavy)
    HL-Mark Baltz #26 (Leavy)
    LJ-Mark Pearlman #9 (Leavy)
    SJ-Dave Wyant #16 (Triplette)
    BJ-Kieth Ferguson #61 (Leavy)
    FJ-Doug Rosenbaum #67 (Green)
    ALT Referee-Jeff Triplette #42
    ALT SJ-Joe Larrew #73 (Riveron)

  39. Replay Official for Cardinals@Panthers will be Al Hynes (Steratore)

  40. Please changle Chargers@Steelers to Bill Leavy

  41. Russ — Done, thanks.

  42. Has anyone heard much on the referees for the conference championships? I think I heard on NFL Network Mike Perriera (or whatever his last name is) say that they were using all star crews for this years conference championships and Super Bowl. Do you guys think this means that if a ref has already worked a playoff game we won’t see him again? Cuz some very good refs have worked games already and some that I personally think aren’t great haven’t.

  43. Are any of these right? Boger is not in Tennessee this week, McAulay is, so . Is boger sick? I want to see him next week or in the super bowl. So how do we know if any of these are right until game time? Go cards.

  44. In response to Scotty, this is how I understand the procedure. The officials assigned for the wild card games and divisional playoffs are the best CREWS, with substitutions made if a crew member is a rookie, the third or second rated official at his position, or a poorly rated official. The officials for the conference championships are the third and second rated officials at each position, so they are all-stars. Since they have been replaced in the earlier rounds if they are on one of the best crews, this is their first playoff game. The officials for the Super Bowl are the highest rated at each position. If they are part of one of the eight highest rated crews, they will have worked a wild card or divisional playoff game. If not, the Super Bowl will be their first playoff game. In other words, the only officials who could possibly work two playoff games would be the Super Bowl officials, and then only if they were on one of the eight best crews. I have not seen this procedure written anywhere, but it is based on my records of previous years’ assignments and listening to Mike Pereira on the NFL segment referenced previously. Can anyone prove me right or wrong? (P. S. I have no idea how the officials are selected for the Pro Bowl, except that they are officials who have not worked any other playoff game.)

  45. Replay Official for Ravens@Titans was Earnie Frantz (McAulay)

  46. Scott Green has been confirmed to be the referee for the Pro Bowl along with Boris Cheek as the Field Judge.

  47. The Referee in New York is Mike Carey, not Scott Green.

  48. Thanks Barry for your response that seems like a good system to me. Also from now on if Mike Carey is doing your game in the divisional round expect snow. Last year he did the seahawk-packer game in the snow, and now its looks like it snowing in mew jersey too. If he wasn’t one of the best refs I would wonder who he pissed off to have to get snow games.

  49. Updated Mike Carey, thanks.

  50. Here’s an addendum to my previous analysis. I don’t know for sure how the replacement officials are selected for the wild card and divisional rounds, but it appears that they are highly rated individuals at their positions (other than “all-stars”) on crews that are not one of the top eight used in those rounds.

  51. I’ve heard Jeff Triplette for Phi @ Arz

  52. Walt Coleman is an alternate official for the NFC Championship.

  53. Walt Anderson is the referee for the NFC Championship.

  54. Scott — Updated, thanks!

  55. Hey so here is basically what I have figured out and you guys will probably be able to answer this with a fact soon. But assuming that Walt Anderson is the ref in the NFC game, and Coleman is a alternate in one of them (by the way if its baltimore-pittsburgh remember he was the ref who overruled the call at then end of the lat game these two met). That would leave, Carollo, Boger, or Moreli for the AFC Championship.

  56. Scotty,

    I spoke with Walt Coleman yesterday. He is going to Arizona for the NFC Championship.

  57. Thanks Eric for the update.

  58. No problem, Scotty. Always glad to clarify anything I can.

  59. Eric, Is coleman the alternate or the head Referee.

  60. Russ,

    Coleman is the alternate referee. Walt Anderson is the head referee for the game.

  61. Bill Carollo is in Pittsburgh to officiate the AFC Championship game.

  62. Pete Morelli is the Alternate in the AFC Championship Game.


  63. Updated Carollo, thanks.

  64. The other alternates are Greg Steed (Coleman) in Arizona and Carl Johnson (Coleman) in Pittsburgh.

  65. I have some of the Super Bowl Officials for you.

    Referee- Terry McAulay #77
    Umpire- Roy Ellison #81 (Riveron)
    LJ- Mark Pearlman # 9 (Leavy)
    FJ- Greg Geautreaux #80 (Steratore)

    *Unfortunately, this is all I have for U right now. I have still not heard anything about this weeks games. I will post more when I know more.

  66. I confirmed McAulay with Walt Coleman today. Russ, where did you obtain this information?

  67. Added McAulay to the Super Bowl. Unless we need to make corrections, we’ve got them all!

  68. Eagles@Cardinals Officiating crew:

    Referee-Walt Anderson #66
    Umpire-Undrey Wash #96 (Coleman)
    HL-Kent Payne #79 (Cheffers)
    LJ-Tom Barnes #55 (Carey)
    SJ-Greg Meyer #78 (Leavy)
    BJ-Sott Helverson (Corrente)
    FJ-Jim Saracino #58 (Morelli)
    ALT Referee-Walt Coleman #65
    ALT BJ-Greg Steed #12 (Coleman)

  69. Crew for Ravens@Steelers:

    Referee-Bill Carollo #63
    Umpire-Ruben Fowler #71 (Winter)
    HL-Ed Camp #134 (Riveron)
    LJ-Byron Boston #18 (Anderson)
    SJ-Scott Steenson #88 (Boger)
    BJ-Tony Steratore #112 (Steratore)
    FJ-Gary Cavaletto #60 (Anderson)
    ALT Referee-Pete Morelli #135
    ALT LJ-Carl Johnson #101 (Coleman)

  70. Crew for Pro Bowl:

    Referee-Scott Green #19
    Umpire-Jim Quirk #5 (Triplette)
    HL-Paul Weidner #87 (Coleman)
    LJ-Gary Arthur #108 (Carollo)
    SJ-Rick Patterson #15 (Coleman)
    BJ-Bob Waggoner #25 (Carollo)
    FJ-Boris Cheek #41 (Triplette)
    ALT LJ-Jeff Bergman #32 (Boger)

  71. Is Terry McAulay the Official Referee for Super Bowl XLIII? There is still a question mark! What about Ed Hochuli? From what Mike Pereira said – it will not be a Referee from the NFC or AFC Champinship. So this rules out Walt Anderson.


  72. Tex, from what I understand from reading what others have said and anyone else correct me if I am wrong, but Ed Hochuli’s crew was rated #1 of all the crews in the NFL. However from the Super Bowl they decide the Super Bowl by which official was the top rated at each position. So well Hochuli’s crew was #1 that does not mean that he was the highest rated head referee. Which based on what Russ is telling us Terry McAulay was top rated at the position.

  73. Jim Saracino is in Cheffers crew, not Morelli’s.

  74. How does the NFL allow the Steratore brothers who are from Pittsburgh work their games?

  75. Super Bowl XLIII Referee

    The only ones I see in the running for Referee of Super Bowl XLIII would be:

    Ron Winter

    Ed Hochuli

    I see it too soon for Terry McAulay & way too soon for Bill Leavy.

    Terry McAulay Super Bowl XXXIX
    Bill Leavy Super Bowl XL

    Mr. Ed Hochuli should get the nod.


  76. Here is the officiating crew for the Super Bowl not including the alternates:

    Referee — Terry McAulay #77
    Umpire — Roy Ellison #81 (Riveron)
    Head Linesman — Derick Bowers #74 (Parry)
    Line Judge — Mark Perlman #9 (Leavy)
    Field Judge — Greg Gautreaux #80 (Steratore)
    Side Judge — Michael Banks #72 (McAulay)
    Back Judge — Keith Ferguson #61 (Leavy),0,4110538.story

  77. LA Times: Super Bowl XLIII Officials:

    R-Terry McAulay
    U-Roy Ellison
    HL-Derick Bowers
    LJ-Mark Perlman
    FJ-Greg Gautreaux
    SJ-Michael Banks
    BJ-Keith Ferguson


  78. Hey guys just a quick question I was thinking of. How do they choose the alternate officials? And how do they decide how many to have? Just curious if anyone knew.

  79. Looking at the Super Bowl assignments, it is interesting to note that although Ed Hochuli’s CREW was apparently the highest rated, none of the individual officials, including Ed, was in the top three.

  80. Will Ed Hochuli be the Alternate in Super Bowl XLIII?


  81. Hi Scotty,

    From what I remember last yr. Mike Pereira added just a few more Alternates to the Super Bowl. He said that he wanted to be covered in most positions & not to have any difficulties in any position. I think Mike Pereira did this, because of the injuries & illnesses in the 2007 season.

    By the way I heard that VP of officiating Mike Pereira is retiring this year, but sticking around for one more to help out in the transition of the new VP.


  82. Super Bowl XLIII Alternates:

    ALT- Ron Winter #14
    ALT- Darrell Jenkins #76
    ALT- Darryll Lewis #130
    ALT- Doug Rosenbaum #67
    ALT- Billy Smith #2


  83. Congrats Doug!