Should Jerry Jones be forced to raise the Cowboys scoreboard?

Over the weekend Titans backup punter AJ Trapasso hit the giant scoreboard at the new Dallas stadium with a punt.  As a result, the play was erased and they did it again.  However, if people are already hitting the scoreboard with punts now, it’s quite likely to happen again.

However, the cost to raise the scoreboard to a greater distance from the field will be around $2 million.  Jerry Jones says it’s already five feet higher than league standards, so he has no intention of paying to fix it.

My question to you:  Should he pay to fix it, should the NFL pay to fix it, or should they just leave it alone?

Here is a video of the punt hitting the scoreboard:


  1. As much as I dislike Jerry Jones, if it’s true that it IS 5′ higher than the league standard, I don’t think the league can force him to raise it….

  2. The NFL agreed to the height & yes it is 5ft higher than the minimum.

    From what I heard the Leaque will have to pay the $2 Million dollars to move it. Than again,,, curious if Jerry Jones is Charging U2 to move it during their concert. They do have to move it higher for them.

  3. yes he should move it

  4. Couple of ref assignments for preseason week 3:

    Terry McAulay for Titans/Browns

    Carl Cheffers for Vikings/Texans

  5. Scott Green is the ref for Jaguars/Eagles.

  6. Jerome Boger is the ref for Dolphins/Buccaneers.