Full referee listing for week 4

Here’s the full list of game officials for today and tomorrow.

If you see anything noteworthy, please discuss in the comments below!

Detroit at Chicago – Walt Coleman
Cincinnati at Cleveland – Scott Green
Seattle at Indianapolis – Mike Carey
NY Giants at Kansas City – Jerome Boger
Baltimore at New England – Ron Winter
Tampa Bay at Washington – Ed Hochuli
Tennessee at Jacksonville – Al Riveron
Oakland at Houston – Don Carey
NY Jets at New Orleans – Bill Leavy
Buffalo at Miami – Carl Cheffers
Dallas at Denver – Walt Anderson
St. Louis at San Francisco – Tony Corrente
San Diego at Pittsburgh – Jeff Triplette

Green Bay at Minnesota – Gene Steratore



  1. In the SanDiego pPittsburgh game both teamswere weating their throwback uniforms. How ever the Referees did not wear the Orange AFl uniforms.Was this due to the fact that The San Diego Chargers were at one time a NFL team thus tachnically speaking making this gae in a manner of speaking an AFL/NFl game?

  2. Last night’s game was not an AFL legacy game. The Steelers were not in the AFL.

    Here is a list of the remaining AFL legacy games including two this Sunday:

    Sunday, Oct. 11 Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans)

    Sunday, Oct. 11 New England Patriots (Boston Patriots) at Denver Broncos

    Sunday, Oct. 18 Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers) at New England Patriots (Boston Patriots)

    Monday, Oct. 19 Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

    Sunday, Oct. 25 San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans)

    Sunday, Oct. 25 New York Jets (Titans of New York) at Oakland Raiders

    Sunday, Nov. 1 Miami Dolphins at New York Jets (Titans of New York)

    Sunday, Nov. 15 Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers)

    Sunday, Nov. 15 Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans) at Oakland Raiders

    Thursday, Nov. 26 Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys

    Sunday, Nov. 29 Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

    Sunday, Dec. 6 New England Patriots (Boston Patriots) at Miami Dolphins

  3. Mickey,

    Getting a head start for week 5. Walt Anderson will be in Nashville for the Colts/Titans game on Sunday night.

  4. KMG – Thanks. He’s been added and I’ll start a week 5 post right now.

  5. Thank you for the information KMG

  6. What were Ron Winter and his crew doing in New England Sunday? Waiting for a swan boat ride in the pond at the Public Garden? They sure weren’t paying much attention to the game! Several poor spots, weak calls on roughing QB. It was really sad. I thought they had been a good crew. A number of minus 3’s for HL, LJ and Ref.

  7. What the heck was up with all the fouls in the New England game for roughing the passer calls? A few times they barely GLANCED at Brady’s legs. I mean aren’t quarterbacks men too? Or have they decided to put on the red shirts from practice and be untouchable?

  8. When referees make a wrong call or obviously miss calls why aren’t they fined like the player who make the mistakes?