NFL: Week 7 referee assignments

The postings for Week 7 have begun.  We’ve got Jerome Boger in London for the Patroits/Bucs and John Parry in Miami.  When you find others, let us know in the comments below.  Thanks!


  1. Mickey,

    With Jerome Boger…. You mean Patriots VS Bucs — Referee is Jerome Boger in London, England?


  2. Yes, you’re right. Good catch! Fixed.

  3. Scott Green crew is in Dallas for week 7, off for week 8

  4. Thanks Goober! Updated.

  5. Goober, according to my log I believe that will be Scott Green’s first game ever in Dallas

  6. For some strange reason Mike Carey has not worked a game in Pennslvania since 2000. He worked Dallas at Philadelphia and Washington at Pittsburgh that year.

  7. Mike Carey will be in Houston for the 49ers/Texans game.

  8. Updated, thanks KMG.

  9. Walt Coleman is off this week.

  10. Stretchlives says

    There are 13 games scheduled this week so 4 guys will be off. Green, Hochuli, Corrente, Boger and Coleman had not had a week off yet. Green and Boger we know are working, so logic would dictate the other 3 will be off plus one. Walt Anderson was off week 1, so would he be the logical 4th guy off this week?

  11. Yes I agree stretchlives…… I think Hochuli is off this week. But will Hochuli do what he did the past 2 yrs? He only had 1 week off.

    Hochuli filled in for other White Hat last yr, but his crew filled in for an entire officiating crew in 2007.


  12. Bill Leavy for the Monday Nighter between the Eagles and Redskins.

  13. I believe this is Leavy’s first regular season game ever in Washington. Also, speaking of refs getting their “bye” weeks, I wonder if they get to choose their week off. Maybe it is based on seniority and I realize that we are talking about the ref and his crew.

  14. Thanks KMG – updated.

  15. doc_holiday says

    hey there, I tried to find a website listing the referee assignments and landing here (obviously). this seems to be a guessing game around here .. so are there no official sources or listing with the officials for the NFL??


  16. Doc check out behind football stripes and both sites hve boards you can look at and subscribe to.

  17. Doc, all the assignments put on this website are 100% official so I am unclaer as to how you think it is a guessing game. The assignments are found from team websites or other blogs or just from people “in the know” so there is no guessing going on here.

  18. Walt Anderson has Bears Bengals

  19. Thanks Chris. He’s on there now.

  20. doc correcttion behind the football stripes.
    Sorry about the listake

  21. Doc add the to my previous post

  22. doc_holiday says

    hey there, thanks for the information!
    I didn’t want to step onto anyones toes here, I’m just used from european football (or soccer!? 🙂 ) that the name of the referee is found in any official listing of the game. I was confused that this is not the case with the NFL ( and that was what I meant with “official”.

    thanks again!

  23. Doc,

    I know exactly what you mean. The lack of an “official” list is what led me to start this site. I still find it odd that they don’t publish it anywhere, but at least that gives us a good reason for this site to exist. 🙂

  24. Pete Morelli is in San Diego @ Kansas City game. Share it with community.

  25. Doc you are more than welcome. I have followed the referees for 24 or 25 years or more.

  26. Mickey ,Doc the lack of officaiting in a game and tje super officiating inanother game, plus trying to recognize who the referees were is what got me into the referees.

  27. I recently started following this site, and want to thank all the contributors.

    My question for those contributors is: where are you getting the info? I’m asking b/c it would be great if we could have a complete list sooner. Last week all assignments were in by Saturday night, but this week we have less than 50% two hours before game time.

  28. Don Carey for Packers/Browns.

  29. I believe this is the first time Scott Green has officiated a game in Dallas

  30. Anyone know about Vikes/Steelers?

  31. Ron Winter

    I am at the game and just saw him.

  32. Jason is correct…Ron Winter is doing Vikings/Steelers

  33. how about Trippoli. Anyone have any news where he will be?

  34. where is david warden scheduled?

  35. Mikeare you talking about Jeff Tripllette? If so Iam not sure where he is at. SOmehow I won’t be shokec if he hasa bye week.

  36. The refs in Vikings game are TERRIBLE! they are doing everything they can to screw the vikings over!

  37. yes Jan i was thanks

  38. Gene Warden?? Hmm that name does not sound familiair

  39. Anyone know Giants Cards assignment?

  40. um tanner, they sure screwed the vikes on that pass interference call in heath miller that nullified a td.