Week 11 Blunders

In watching today’s games, I saw two calls in the Indianapolis/Baltimore game that were not called by John Parry‘s crew and impacted the game.

With 13 minutes left in the game, Flacco completed a pass, but was contacted by Mathis in the helmet, which should have added 15 yards to the end of the play. It was not called, although the pass was completed, it was not a major impact on the game.

Worse then this was the missed false start by the Ravens with under 3 minutes to go. The Ravens offensive line committed the false start, which wasn’t called, and on that play Flacco tossed an interception, virtually icing the game for the Colts.

Any other missed calls change games today?



  1. i didnt see the no call helmet, but definately saw the false start on balt (gaither i think?) which definately affected the game…the announcers even called it…

    i mainly watch cowboys skins, and a few questionable calls…and there was the huge 5 min ordeal at the end of the 1st half…i was aware you can look at a challenge after the dead ball delay…

    does anyone know about that?

    • In the DMN today Jerry Jones says the league office told him that the Jason Campbell play was not reviewable. Remember a couple of weeks ago in New York when Eli Manning was called out of bounds for a five yard loss prior to throwing the ball away, NY challenged the play and Walt Anderson said that play is not reviewable.

  2. mr. bamboozaul says

    ron winter’s crew missed shawne merriman’s low hit to broncos quarterback kyle orton’s leg which affect orton’s ability to set his feet to throw the football. orton limped badly throughout the game because of the no-call.

    • Saw this, I am big chargers fan but I even agree that Merriman should have been called for this. It was definitely a shot at his legs knowing that he is having foot issues.

  3. Some holdings missed on Baltimore’s OL. In crucial time too.

    Also, was there indisputable evidence on both fumbles to overturn it? I mean, not what people think, I mean indisputable evidence.

  4. What the heck was up with the three plays after the clock reached zero during the Browns Lions game?

  5. warren thacker says

    Colts are dodging bullets every week. They are good but damn lucky. Non-call on false start by Balt.,missed chip shot fg by Cundiff.I’m not sure that Rice wasn’t pulled by the jersey on that pick by Flacco .Terrible play calling by Cam Cameron on the first and goal at the 1 yd line when they settled for 3 again. As many lives as the Colts have had this season they should be renamed the “Cats”. No I’m not a sore Raven fan.

    • Not that you sound like one…but no mention of the Ravens fumbles and missed holding non-calls? 😛

      • That fact that you mention holding calls is really funny since the NFL allows the Colts’ offensive line to hold on every passing play so that Manning doesn’t get sacked.

  6. Terri,
    I know at the end of the game when the pass interference was called, that you can’t end a period on a defensive penalty, so the play was run with no time on the clock.

  7. Ron Winters crew performed as per usual horribly. I would like to know what his percentage of overturned replays he has. His review of the Moreno TD was another example of him using the replay hood to hide from the game. His entire crew is a waste of the money that the NFL is paying them. Several occations of holding that were missed both ways, especially at the point of attack, but no penalty more obvious was the low hit on Orton that wasn’t flagged when just a month and half ago Suggs breathed on Tom Brady’s knee and Mr Winters flag was out of his pocket.

  8. warren thacker says

    Horse collar tackle on the Texans was bogus.

  9. Looks like John Parry and his umpire and HL and LJ can join Ron Winter’s crew of stiffs for missing that obvious false start on Jared Gaither. That certainly WAS a game changer. Once again, the NFL screws Baltimore!

  10. The MNF crew was bad last night. Gave TN a 15 yard call on a horsecollar, a questionable roughing (shoving) on VY out of bounds called by an offical 25 yards from the play when the linesmen right on the play did not throw a flag. In a rough game, all the PF calls were on the home team. That did not cause them to lose, but still….

    • That horse collar call was awful. Busing made a perfect tackle stopping the receiver in his tracks. Dumb rule to begin with. If they are going to call the that close then its time to review plays like that to be sure they get it right. Clearly they were wrong on that call. Change the whole comlexion of that drive. Either review it or just go all the way to two hand touch. Let girls play. Oh, well, I guess touching wouldn’t be allowed then unless the players asked permission first. Perhaps that’s what Busing needed to do. Ask the receiver if its OK that he tackle him.