Week 9 discussion

The week 9 assignment list is almost complete, so if you can fill in any of the gaps, please help us out.

Once the games begin, feel free to leave comments on this post with your thoughts about any controversial or noteworthy calls.



  1. Carl Cheffers seems to be the only official who is eligiable to work the Eagles/Colts game.

  2. Al Riveron’s crew did possible the worst job on ANY game I’ve seen since Tom White in the Ravens game like 8 years ago. But they flagged two chopblocks, both of which were legal blocks, and managed the clock incredibly poorly. LT was tackled in bounds at one point in the end of the game, but they stopped the clock. And Sanchez didn’t cross the pane at the end. It was just overall ridiculous

  3. The instant replay rule needs to be reviewed. Jeff Triplette and his crew blew a fumble call with 6 minutes left in the game that gave Kansas City the football. The replay on CBS clearly showed that the Oakland player was down by contact. This called allowed Kansas City to score a touchdown. How does the NFL and the officiating crew allow a call that changes the game as this one did. Replay is suppose to be used to correct those questionable calls and this was was missed.

  4. The crew that worked the KC vs Oakland game are the worst I’ve ever seen. How can either team have that many flags thrown on them. The replays show that some of the calls never happened, but the crew missed all the face mask violations. At the same time missing obvious holding calls. Maybe the officials should be handed glasses and required to wear them during the games. This type of stuff really hurts the game.

  5. What happened to the 10 second run off after an offensive holding call when Oakland had no timeouts left and it was past the 2 minute warning? The game should have been over in regulation after the long pass to Ford after the call. The clock should have been set back to 14 seconds and that passing play took all of that time. Chiefs got ripped off and the final should have been 20- 17. Thanks Jeff Tripplette

    • I agree with you 100% Anthony. The officiating was the worst I have seen in a very long time. This crew will be now known as the record holders for the most penalties thrown and most confusion by a officiating crew in NFL history. I have been a Chiefs fan for 43 years and I do agree the Chiefs were ripped off.

  6. Well after watching the Eagles- Colts game I was amazed that the Eagles won. I have never seen such poor officiating. It almost seemed that when the Eagles had momentum there was another stupid call. Holding goes on all the ime , if they called all of them there would be 6 hour it both ways. But nothing was as bad as the personal foul hitting a defenseless player. I hope that when they go back and review the game the Official is fined for his bad call. The player though he was injured had taken steps and was running with the ball…………

  7. The Eagles/Colts game was one the poorest officiated games I’ve witnessed in a long time.

    On the personal foul call on Quintin Mikell for hitting a defenseless receiver…..The referee in the secondary did not throw the flag until 5 seconds after he saw Indianapolis WR Austin Colie #17 fall lifeless to the ground and therefore “assumed” it was an illegal hit. Colie caught the ball, took 3 steps and was hit by Philadelphia SS Quintin Mikell #27 shoulder to chest and subsequently knocked into FS Kurt Coleman #42 who led with his chest and shoulder to make the tackle. Colie was nowhere near “defenseless” as he caught the ball, took 3 steps and ducked towards the ground before the initial hit by Mikell. It was completely accidental that Colie and Coleman went helmet to helmet. This should have been a fumble but the NFL and referee’s are assuming everything is an illegal hit when someone gets knocked out so they called the pass incomplete and blew the play dead. I will be shocked if this play results in a fine.

    On the personal foul call on Trent Cole “blow to head” of the QB…..This was the most absurd call I have ever seen. Trent Cole barley, I mean BARELY skimmed the back of Peyton Manning’s helmet and top of his shoulder pads when going for the ball. Mr. Cheffers, don’t ever risk changing the outcome of a game in a pivotal 4th down situation on NOTHING. Cheffers judgment was poor and the only reason the call was made because it was Peyton Manning. This call would not have been made on any other QB. Well actually Tom Brady and Drew Brees but that’s it. In the 2nd quarter, Michael Vick was tossed 6 yards out of bounds by Colts lineman and no call was made. If that was Manning being tossed out of bound flags would have been everywhere.

    The judgment calls of this crew were horrendous and almost impacted the outcome of this game. This has to stop. Let the players decided the outcome. I pay to watch the Colts vs. Eagles, not Cheffers and crew.

    IND 7-59 PHI 14-125

  8. @Chris…So true! I was at the game and was enraged that they called a personal foul on the hit to Collie and to Manning. Carl Cheffers should be strung up for this game. And when Vick gets fouled…Oh well, he got up and hey, he deserves it being a felon and all. This is the ref that couldn’t remember where he was or the call in Dallas this year. Fire the loser.

  9. The NFL has admitted that two penalties called late against the Steelers this past Monday – Roughing The Passer, against Casey Hampton, and Defensive Pass Interference, against Ike Taylor – should not have been called. At least these penalties did not result in the Bengals winning.

    • Everytime the Shitsburgh Rapists even touch the ball, a penalty needs to be called (holding, or illegal touching)….