Referee Assignments and Discussion for Week 9

Week 9 of the NFL kicks off tonight in Miami with the Bengals playing the Dolphins, but we’re still not sure which ref will be handling the game. In fact, we’re still missing quite a few assignments for this week, so please head over to our week 9 page if you know of any others that we can fill in.

If you see any calls or actions that are noteworthy, use the comments on this post to discuss them.

Enjoy the games!


  1. Are the referee blind and can’t see or just down right out cheating in several games and especially against Dallas today 11/3/13. I say old and need to retire.

  2. Can somebody tell me how earl thomas interfered in the hawks bucs game? Are the corners and safties not allowed to touch the receivers anymore? He played the ball the entire time, picked it off clean, and just barely touched him. This is becoming a serious problem. Refs constantly change the outcome of games with these less than ticky tack calls. Its absolutely maddening. Its pro football, not 2 hand touch or pee wee…LET THEM PLAY!!!

  3. Anthony Pierson says

    How is barely grabbing the bottom of the jersey a pass interference? Pittsburgh was penalized when a defender was going down and barely grabbed the jersey of a receiver but the ball was catchable. I say it was a BS call.

  4. Gerardo Perez says

    There was a moment in NO @ NYJ when #32 of NYJ was called for roughing the passer even though it doesn’t look like it. I thought it was a clean hit from #32 to Drew Brees on the play, when #32 was going for Brees’ knees and not going to the head area. I think that was a bad call from Clete Blakeman.

    • Gerardo Perez says

      When I saw the video on the Josh Bush RTP Penalty, Bush was going for Brees’ thighs, which is legal. But an illegal low hit is when the defender is going for the QB’s knees or lower. That’s why Clete Blakeman did not make a good call when it should have been 4th down for the Saints.

  5. ndcilts2003 says

    Are we using replacement refs for sunday night game. Cmon man!!