Referee Assignments and Discussion for Week 11

Week 11 of the NFL kicks off tonight in Tennessee with the Colts playing the Titans and Mike Carey making the calls. However, we’re still missing quite a few assignments for this week, so please head over to our week 11 page if you know of any others that we can fill in.

If you see any calls or actions that are noteworthy, use the comments on this post to discuss them.

Enjoy the games!


  1. Why is it that the referees seem to miss when 24, 25 and 28 of New Orleans Saints defense are holding the receivers? Seems kind of strange other players don’t get away with it, show be fair.

  2. Joe Beauchamp says

    If players are held accountable how come the refs are not. The Monday night game was clearly a major screw up and what happens, NOTHING. Hold the refs to the same standards as the players. Worst call of the century. Fire the ref or see who he had bets on and thru who. If you throw a flag you saw something. Fine him or something. One guy loses the game. I am not a fan of any team playing tonite but want it to be fair. B. S. call. Shame on you ref.

  3. The decision to “pick up the flag”- no harm no foul on the final play of the Carolina vs. New England game on Monday night football, was the most ridiculous decision I have ever seen. Referee needs some time off without pay for that one!

  4. The NFL needs to hold the Refs accountable for their blatant errors, I’d rather see no flag than have it picked up with no explanation. 99% of America thinks it was interference and should have been called, but not these officials. I think they were afraid of their safety if the Panthers ended up losing.

  5. The concussion issue and NFL’s cover-up and obstruction are just like the tobacco companies and the permission of the ref’s blatant disregard for the rules that they are paid to and supposed to enforce have ruined my love for the game.

    Seeing these events it tells me that the best team really doesn’t win and it is a waste of my time.

    The NFL looks like a corrupt money machine to me.

  6. The Clete Blakeman fiasco on Monday Night picking up the flag on an obvious pass interference call that likely altered the winner and a season was so ridiculous, it screams corruption. Not a fan of either team but to ruin a great game like that is just too much. I still cannot believe it. That is the worst officiating I have ever seen. Something really smells fishy. Did that actually happen? Funny because he is the one referee I didn’t recognize and know about. That is no longer the case.

  7. It also something to watch as the refs try to justify an obvious pass interference call.

    If they get away with screwing one team then when it’s in their interests to screw your team they will.

    I liked it better with the substitute refs, at least when they messed up it was an honest mistake and we understood that they messed up equally for everyone.

    • I agree David, it seems as though some training and fines need to be enforced against the refs because it’s getting out of hand. The refs are concerned with pissing off the players and coaches rather than doing their job!

  8. Keep Parry’s crew out of Kansas City. They suck.

    Denver’s o-line was holding on every offensive play if that bogus call on McGrath was holding. The blatant choke hold on Hali and the blatant defensive holding on Bowe that wasn’t called. Pathetic.

    • Yesterday I realized that I was not even interested in watching any of the NFL games today.

      After pondering things over for a while, I realized that I now think of the NFL games a though they were WWF Studio Wrestling.

      I think I’ll watch the college games from now on.

      When the corruption is so in-your-face obvious and then justified in such a stupid shameless way by the officials, I am a fool if I ignore it.

      From now on I’ll pass on the NFL games.

      I wish you all the best.

  9. sunday night manning was giving the refs pizza for all the bad call they were doing