Referee assignments and discussion for week 13

Week 13 of the NFL kicks off tomorrow, Thanksgiving, with games in Detroit, Dallas and Baltimore.  We know of a few of the assignments for the week, but we’re still missing a bunch of them.  If you know of any anothers, please head over to our week 13 page if you know of any others that we can fill in.

If you see any calls or actions that are noteworthy, use the comments on this post to discuss them.

Enjoy the games!


  1. Tane Sinclair says

    Carl Cheffers crew doing the Bears vs. Vikings game Sunday made some of the worst calls and non-calls I have EVER seen. Absolutely atrocious game almost completely decided by the refs. Start watching the tape on this game in the 3rd quarter & into overtime just to get an idea how bad this crew is. Great Job Carl!!!