Referee assignments and discussion for week 16

Week 16 of the NFL is just a few days away, and the full list of referee assignments is ready to go.

Head over to our week 16 page to check them out, and then use this post to comment on any noteworthy calls this weekend.

Enjoy the games!


  1. Why don’t you show the list of crews?

    • Gerardo Perez says

      You can find this season’s officiating crews by clicking on 2013 Crews. If you scroll down, you will see them listed.

  2. This is the worst season that I’ve ever seen in my life, they suck bring back the substitute referees.

  3. Richard Brassor says

    I must say that I have NEVER been more disillusioned about the calls that your refs are making this year. I have been watching NFL
    games since I was 10 years old…and as I age I may becoming more critical than previously but your boys are either missing the holding or ignoring the penalties… perhaps to make a winner, or create the loser. I must insist that it appears that the calls are NOT seeing what should be called. I believe the games should be determined by the video replay and no longer trust the calls your team refs are making. PERIOD.

  4. Joe (River Falls, WI) says

    I am 42 years old and have been watching NFL football ever since I needed help to stand up (probably around 1 1/2 years old literally! Athough I can’t remember anything at that age, my point is football has been my LIFE. In fact, as soon as the season is over, I am mentally preparing for the next season. I am PLUGGED IN, from the news via several different apps on my phone, to alerts I get via email from across the league. I’m here to tell you, THIS IS THE WORST YEAR OF OFFICIATING I’VE EVER SEEN. I mean it almost seems like it can’t be real. What is going on? Come on! There have been so many game changing bad calls that there are too many to count. Geez! As a fan, I put my trust in your officials and referees. You guys used to be a vital part in keeping these games interesting. It’s simple, as players become become stronger, faster, more talented, and most of all more hungry for the almighty money-making contract, you as officials need to become more educated and physically prepared to Game Day. You may say, “easier said than done and what the hell do you mean by that?” Well, let me brake it down for you; you have the top technology at your fingertips: it’s called the ability to review the play call from every possible angle. I mean, I’m amazed at some of the angles these cameras get. Their SO good that this is what is hurting your credability. There seems to be a lack of dicipline. Maybe along with imposing fines on players who blatentlly disobey the rules, the officials should also be fined for making a call that is so obvious a bad one let alone a literal “game-changer”. Look, there are teams who are holding on to a thread of hope just to get a wild card spot and have played their asses off hard enough to earn it. Then, that’s right you guessed it, the inevitable “bad call” happens and changes everything especially when there are only a few second left of the game. I believe the only way to assure the calls will be more accurate is to hold the officials personally accountable by attacking their pocket-book. It wouldn’t take long and the review process would start to be enforced. THOUGHTS??????????????

  5. Today’s game Browns-Steelers, #31 umpire dress appearance sloppy shirt tail hanging out. I know it was raining but the other six had there shirts tuck in,sloppy. The Referee standing almost next to him and never said anything,#31 had a whole half to tuck it in. Sloppy. Ex ,High School Football Official (43 years). Robert Cox Conneaut,Ohio.