Referee Assignments for the Divisional Playoffs

The second round of the playoffs are coming up this weekend, and the referee assignments for the games have been posted.

Head over to our Playoffs page to check them out, and then use this post to comment on any noteworthy calls this weekend.

Enjoy the games!


  1. Dewayne Robinson says

    Bad and no call against patriots .. Is wrong call the game right

  2. Actually, I was curious how much pete carroll has paid the ref squad to boldly make such atrocious calls or the oh-gee-i -didn’t-see-that-blantant-penalty missed call. Gene and his team deserve the worst and these players deserve real refs not ones who can be purchased.

  3. I dont know who is responsible for the refs at these games but every single ref at the 49ers vs seattle game, should be fired. they did not call so many penalties against seattle. I think they got paid off to ref that game. THEY SUCK!

  4. Where do I go to buy my own NFL referee? I want to bet my house on the super bowl and will give him 50%. They stole it from SF today and it was easy to see they were bought and paid for.
    Can’t even have an honest football game anymore. Don’t investigate, those cats are for sale too. “Behind every great fortune lies a crime” Voltaire.

  5. Gee Gene the rule book says that if a defender runs into the PLANT leg of a kicker it’s 15 yards. You really need to think about finding a job you’re good at.

  6. Daniel Martinez says

    This Douchebag has been the most crooked ref in the league all 2013 and reinforced that again in the NFC championship. With no respect due at all.. Die slowly in a fire please Gene

  7. Daniel Martinez says

    Oh did I mention he also refs Basketball…lol. And lets see, the refs for both conference championships.. Corente and Steratore .. hmmmm, whats the constant here… go and see the Vegas line and see how the house and or families did with the freelance bookies. I think the answer should be quite clear.