The refs are totally favoring the Patriots. Or the Broncos. Or something…

Know this — every fan feels like their team is the one getting hosed by the refs. I’ve never seen any solid evidence to show otherwise. Today is a mini-edition of “idiots that can’t read” (on our contact page) and have been telling me how awful “my” refs are. Not as bad as the insane Cowboys fans, but stupid nonetheless.

The refs are favoring the Patriots!

Ken Tewksbury –
It appears on the Denver /New England game you are obviously for New England. Do teams from the West have a chance with your system?

Jerry Simmons –
The refs for in this first game are terrible they must be for New England like always all the refs have been awful y’all year

The refs are favoring the Broncos!

Sergy Chebotarev –
I am really beginning to get upset over the bias that is always shown against the patriots. This is rediculous and needs to be corrected. Maybe I just won’t watch anymore.

Jody Smith –
Just watch the replay of the Patriots Broncos game and the horrible calls in the first quarter For example a push on the run back by amendola by number 87 of the Broncos And the no call on pass interference on Gronkowski. If you can’t call a game fairly then do everyone a favor and resign ! This was not even veiled you are a disgrace lets hope you all get better as the game on

C’mon. Just enjoy the games.