Chris Stegenga will die for all of us — just not the referees

Despite clear info on our contact page, we still get a lot of people that fill out the form to complain. I’m working on a fun way to show you more of them, but I thought this one from Chris Stegenga ( was interesting. The Yahoo email address and grammatical errors are common in these kinds of rants, but he included lots of fun pieces for us!

>> You all f***ing suck when it comes to officiating. If your going to be referees and get paid do your fucking job correctly. Tonight’s game you don’t call a damn thing on Dallas yet Bryant legitimately grabbed his face mask then there offensive lineman have there hands all up in the Lions defense’s face.

The expected vulgarities. Classy. Obviously, the “you all” at the beginning is wildly misplaced. Also, *you’re, *their and *their.

>> Your a disgrace to this f***ing country as human beings and always think that after the game it’s ok to apologize for missed calls.

From a bad call to a “disgrace to this country”. Big leap! Also, *you’re.

>> This is your f***ing job I’m in the military if I did my job as half assed as you people would die so how about you do your jobs unbiased and fuck Goodell and what he says and who he wants in the playoffs.

I’m assuming half-assed doesn’t include reading a short sentence before venting…

Also, I’m not sure how this is showcasing an agenda in favor of the Cowboys — they’re already the top seed whether they win or lose.

>> Your all a bunch of f***ing losers who I wouldn’t even die for if this country would ever to be invaded.

This is awesome. Will he be willing to die for everyone else, and just not the officials? It’s hard to say. Also, *you’re.

I’m a Lions fan and hate when people represent them so poorly, but I just had to share these great thoughts from Chris with you.