That Dallas/Green Bay playoff game was so lopsided…

The refs were totally not fair and did all they could to help Green Bay win. Just ask these Dallas fans:

Rick McConville –
There are a few holding penalties in the same portion of the defensive backfield of cowboys on packer receivers not called. What action is taken to enhance the quality of the oversight of the game.


Wait, I mean they were trying to help Dallas win:

Claudio Avila –
When are the refs going to start calling the holding on the Dallas cowboys, they are doing this at will almost roping the packers jerseys off with no calls. Wake up refs.

No no no. The refs are definitely favoring Green Bay:

Edward Hart –
The regress in the dallas game are blind and for the green bay. They are not fair. The regress should all be thrown out.

Adrian Miller –
Worst lopsided officiating we’re NFL playoff game ever. Dallas could not buy a call with these lousy officials. Green Bay gets no flags entire first Half of the game and only one call the second half. Lousy ass and inference call on Dallas in fourth-quarter, specially after no call on Witten. There is no way you could convince me that these officials were not paid off. Again the officials end up screwing the Cowboys in the playoffs again, just the way the NFL league office wanted.

Err, no. They are favoring Dallas:

Mary Mani –
Your refs are missing a lot of calls for this game GB/Dallas. They need to get their crap together. Specially for a game of this caliber. Are they trying to fix the game so Dallas wins? COME ON.

Nope, they favored Green Bay. Ahh, that’s why they won.

robert hickmott –
that was a rip off with the cowboys on a roger pass he was out of bond you are a muh o cheat you should do a drug test on foger and the couch you all are a much of cheat

Judy Wyles –
The officiating for the Dallas/Green Bay game was horrendous and so one sided. I hope someone reviews this and fines them!!! So sad officials can decide a game of this magnitude!!!!!

Peggy Tinsley –
What the heck was that suspicious call on Brice Butler, Cowboys were not even in a huddle yet! No calls on green bay, they held about every play…. I saw all the refs chatting it up with greenbay yesterday. What’s up with that? ?

Karl Peterson –
I can’t believe the sorry excuse for officiating during the Cowboys vs Packers play off game!……with the technology that is available they shouldn’t be missing blatant calls for both teams and especially one that determined the outcome of the game. The inconsistency is astounding

As with most games, both sides get calls they aren’t happy with it. It happens.