Cleveland is in trouble; their fans won’t be watching football anymore

The Browns really seemed to get hosed on a big call this weekend, but their fans are loud and many of them are apparently done with the NFL. Here are a few comments that were emailed to me:

The overturn of the 1st down for the Browns vs the Raiders was abhorrent. The officials were the only ones that got the call wrong. Disgusting! Cost the Browns the game. I’m sure that was the plan. Done watching this crappie league

I been watching football for years. After watching the blown calls in the Browns n Raiders game today. I see that the winner of every game depends on officials instead of talent. Your nfl official that’s on network even said it was a bad call but it decided the winner… Don’t like nfl anymore… horrible

I guess they’ll be soccer fans now? I don’t really know.

Most of the rest were far to vulgar to post here on the front page, but you can see them all on our Fan Complaints: Cleveland Browns archive.


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