Week 13

Green Bay at Detroit – Gene Steratore
Oakland at Dallas – Scott Green
Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Clete Blakeman

Atlanta at Buffalo – Walt Anderson
Tampa Bay at Carolina – Ron Winter
Jacksonville at Cleveland – Bill Leavy
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Walt Coleman
Denver at Kansas City – Terry McAulay
Chicago at Minnesota – Carl Cheffers
Miami at NY Jets – Mike Carey
Arizona at Philadelphia – Tony Corrente
St. Louis at San Francisco – Bill Vinovich
New England at Houston – Pete Morelli
Cincinnati at San Diego – John Parry
NY Giants at Washington – Jeff Triplette

New Orleans at Seattle – Ed Hochuli


  1. Falcons vs. Bills = Walt Anderson

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Walt Anderson already did a Bills home game this year

  3. I see what you all are saying and I will double check my source and get back to you.

  4. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Did NE@HOU get moved to 1PM EST

  5. Hochuli has MNF Saints at Seahawks

  6. John Parry crew will be in Houston

  7. Mickey is there a way to block these idiot Trolls on here? Maybe lock it down so that those Trolls can be banned?

  8. Have talked to the administrators and good news – Top Gun will be banned if he continues to call peopl idiots. Would never be tolerated on the BTFS site.

  9. RalphMorcroft15 says

    Wonderful news Fred. People like you add so much to the website and to be called an idiot by some troll is disgraceful.

  10. Gene Steratore is in Detroit for Thanksgiving.. Confirmed!!

  11. Six referees have yet to work on NBC Sunday Night Football: Blakeman, Hochuli, Leavy, McAulay, Triplette and Winter.

    For NYG @ WSH, scratch off Hochuli, since he’s already confirmed for the NO @ SEA Monday Night game. Scratch off Blakeman, Winter and McAulay, since the former two have already worked Redskins’ home games and the latter worked GB @ NYG in Week 11.

    So…by the process of elimination, it looks like NYG @ WSH will come down to either Leavy or Triplette.

  12. Prior to Week 13, five referees have yet to work any Thursday games (the Week 1 kickoff, NFL Network or Thanksgiving): Blakeman, Corrente, Green, Steratore and Vinovich.

    Steratore has been confirmed for GB @ DET.

    Of the five aforementioned referees, only Blakeman, Green and Vinovich are eligible for OAK @ DAL (with Vinovich eligible under a “five-week rule”), while only Blakeman and Corrente are eligible for PIT @ BAL.

    • Second time that GB has had Steratore this year. He did the Baltimore game.

      • Gene also had the Lions in week 1

        • No, Gene had Falcons-Saints week 1.

          So now we are down to 4 crews that have yet to do a Thursday game. Games remaining are OAK-DAL & PIT-BAL on Thanksgiving, HOU-JAX week 14, and SD-DEN week 15

          Corrente: eligible for PIT-BAL and HOU-JAX
          Vinovich: eligible for OAK-DAL, HOU-JAX, and SD-DEN
          Blakeman: eligible for all 4 games
          Green: eligible for OAK-DAL, HOU-JAX, and SD-DEN
          (Note eligibility as of 11/21)

  13. Who’s eligible for Bears-Vikings?

    • Gerardo Perez says

      Mike Carey. (Did CHI/MIN in 2011)
      Carl Cheffers. (Did CHI/MIN in 2010)
      Walt Coleman. (Did CHI/MIN in 2012)
      Tony Corrente. (Did CHI/MIN in 2010)
      Terry McAulay.
      Pete Morelli.
      John Parry.

      • Shane Spencer says

        Since he became a referee back in 2001, Terry McAulay has yet to officiate a game involving both the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings (he officiated a few games involving either the Bears or the Vikings, but never between those two teams).

  14. all official will be work official only 1 game of 16 week one team

  15. @RapSheet: Umpire Roy Ellison has been suspended without pay for 1 game for his profane words to #Redskins OT Trent Williams, per source.

  16. @RapSheet: Umpire Roy Ellison won’t work a game this week. Can return in Week 13. The NFL expects its officials to avoid personal confrontations

  17. Shane Spencer says

    Scott Green is eligible for DEN @ KC.

  18. As a friend of Roy growing up with him here in Orlando, Fl. I find this hard to believe. I hope Roy learns from this and moves on from this mistake that occured last weekend. Always a first class person when he teaches officiating camps and attends his old high school football officials association CFOA in Orlando.

  19. Hi Mickey:
    Carl Cheffers’ Crew in Minnesota, Dec. 1st. (Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings)

  20. I’m surprised we (Texans) haven’t gotten Blakeman yet, since we seem to get him twice a year. I’ll guess him since we havent gotten him.

    • I meant for HOU-JAX, not NE-HOU, which he is ineligible for.

    • Bit surprised not even once because geographically it would mean less travel. That being said, since it is impossible for a team to see every crew over the course of a season the league does try to have that one crew be one that the team has gotten twice in recent seasons. That being said there are always some that have surprised me. I do not think the Giants have ever seen Jerome Boger or John Parry twice in one season since either was promoted to Referee

  21. Gang, my Ravens source tells me that for the PIT-BAL Turkey Night game, it’s… CLETE BLAKEMAN, who did two Ravens games in 2011, but none since… Take this one to the bank, with yams and cranberries… Shameless plug: I’m turning 50 this Sunday, and thanks to Turkey Day action, I have Sunday off! Love the give and take with you guys, hope I get many more years of it!

  22. Thanks joe and happy birthday!

  23. Only four referees are eligible for JAX @ CLE: Boger, Corrente, Leavy & Vinovich.

    • Assuming every official has one TNF game, with Clete Blakeman in Baltimore HOU@JAX has to be Tony Corrente so that means he would not work JAX@CLE this week

      • Don’t forget SD @ DEN in Week 15. Corrente likely would NOT work that game, since he worked DEN @ SD in Week 10. The following referees are NOT eligible for SD @ DEN:

        Coleman (worked BAL @ DEN in Week 1 and SD @ KC in Week 12)
        Boger (worked OAK @ DEN in Week 3)
        Morelli (worked PHI @ DEN in Week 4 and SD @ MIA in Week 11)
        Triplette (worked JAX @ DEN in Week 6)
        Winter (worked WSH @ DEN in Week 8)
        Parry (worked KC @ DEN in Week 11)
        Steratore (worked DEN @ NE in Week 12)

  24. STL @ SF is also down to four referees: Coleman, Triplette, Vinovich & Winter.

    DEN @ KC, TEN @ IND and NE @ HOU are down to five referees.

    DEN @ KC: Green, Leavy, Morelli, Triplette & Vinovich.

    TEN @ IND: Boger, Coleman, Corrente, Green & Triplette.

    NE @ HOU: Boger, Green, McAulay, Morelli & Parry.

  25. Boger worked NE @ NYJ earlier this year so he can’t work NE @ Hou

    • Boger **is eligible** for NE @ HOU. A referee must have not already officiated in a particular team’s stadium or officiated a particular team more than once withing any five-week span to be eligible. If Boger had already work at Houston’s Reliant Stadium (which he has not), then he would not be eligible for NE @ HOU.

      • I understand, thought a ref couldn’t work 2 road games of a particular team too. boger will work 2 NE road games this yr (if he gets that one)….thought i had read that, in another post on another week, thanks for clarification.

  26. Any word on a crew for ARZ @ PHI?

  27. JoeTheMailman says

    Seems like Blakeman just did a Stillers game a couple weeks ago. What a joy…..
    Triplette and crew have been the most consistent this year! He needs respect.
    Lorenzo Antonio- please die! thanks

  28. JoeTheMailman says

    Nevermind. Blakeman did the England classic with Pitt/Minn in week 4.

  29. Wow, Just heard on ESPN that Jerry Seeman passed away from cancer. He was 77.

  30. Walt Coleman for TEN @ IND per the Titans’ press release: http://prod.static.titans.clubs.nfl.com/assets/docs/titans_colts_2013b.pdf

  31. John Pary will work NE@Hou


  33. Jerome Boger will be in Dallas for Oak and Dal.

  34. R.I.P. Jerry Seeman. One of the best Referees in the 80’s and 90’s. Hoping the NFL does something to remember him on the official’s uniforms this week.

  35. Per the Broncos’ flipcard, TERRY MCAULAY will be in Kansas City for DEN @ KC, though McAulay has already officiated in Kansas City (vs. the NYG in Week 4).

    • Gerardo Perez says

      Wow, unbelievable. But thanks anyways David. Jerome Boger’s SJ Allen Baynes will work over there at KC, which means that Jerome Boger’s crew should have the week off.

  36. Shane Spencer says

    Tony Corrente is eligible for MIA @ NYJ.

  37. Gerardo Perez says

    For the OAK @ DAL Thanksgiving Game, the referee is SCOTT GREEN, who will officiate his Raiders game as well as his first Cowboys game this season. This information was posted by ESPN Dallas. Here’s the link:

  38. Oak @ Dal – Green

  39. R.I.P. Jerry Seeman #70 You were a great ref back in the 80’s.

  40. Hi all folks: I agree with Gerardo Perrez.
    I guess the crew off this week is Jerome Boger crew. His side judge (#56 Allen Baynes) appears in the flip card of the KC Chiefs’ game.

  41. Carey in Dallas?

  42. Why is McAulay listed in KC?? He was there in Week 4. I thought they couldn’t do two games in the same stadium in one season? Am I wrong?? Sorry if I am…

  43. CONFIRMED! Green in Dallas!

  44. I saw on espndallas.com that Green is in Dallas tom. Post it!

  45. Can somebody tell me why Al Riveron has not officiated a game this season?

  46. Rob Hugelman says

    He ia working in the league office now. He is second in command to Dean Blandino the VP of officals.

  47. SNF – Jef Tripplett

  48. Ron Winter Tampa vs Car.


  49. John Parry in San Diego for Bengals-Chargers per Cincy beat writer.

    • Gerardo Perez says

      According to my calculations, these 3 games could be confirmed assignments:
      JAC @ CLE: Bill Leavy.
      MIA @ NYJ: Mike Carey.
      ARI @ PHI: Tony Corrente.
      These calculations are based on eligibility. Carey did the Eagles in week 10, while Leavy just did the Cardinals. So that means Corrente becomes the only ref eligible for ARI @ PHI.


  51. Nothing for Boger’s team this week then??

  52. Nancy Muttlemeier says

    Hi Friends!

    I am so thankful to have learned from my sources that Jeffy the Jeffmeister Tripps will be working the Giants-Redskins game. Is this the best Thanksgiving ever?!?!?!

    • Your sources should tell him that he should not work any home Redskins game after that blown call yesterday he should be embarrassed. Then coming out of that lame excuse why he should not have blown the next play dead. He ended up giving the Giants an unfair advantage. After the Orlando Brown play years ago and Triplette’s butchering of last nights game he should be fired

  53. George Kauffman says

    Clete Blackman still DOES NOT KNOW what Defensive Pass Interference is … Did YOU see that Blown Call on Pittsburgh’s TWO POINT CONVERSION ?

  54. JoeTheMailman says

    George, it seems that years back when a DB would play the receiver’s face and not the ball, it was pass interference. Now, they don’t seem to call it. I don’t know if it’s due to the “back-shoulder” throws or what but face guarding in definition constitutes a Pass Interference penalty. Blakeman needs to return to college or high school football. He was once a promising young white hat, now he’s a bungling moron.

  55. George Kauffman says

    Nice summary Joe … As long as The Officials are on the League Payroll, ERRORS will continue.

  56. Garth DeFelice is filling in as umpire for MNF with Ed Hochuli’s crew tonight, and it looks like Hochuli’s umpire worked with a different crew earlier in the week. This would make it the second game in the same week that DeFelice has officiated (he was with Clete Blakeman’s crew, per usual, on Thursday). Has that every happened before–one official working two games in the same week (even if one of the games is on Thursday)? Is this due to Pete Morelli’s umpire being injured?

    • SportingBecky says

      Yes… happened before…..

      Ed Hochuli

      Ed Hochuli WK #13 2011 Ravens VS Browns
      Ed Hochuli WK #14 2011 Browns VS Steelers(Corrente)
      Ed Hochuli WK #14 2011 Texans VS Bengals
      Ed Hochuli WK #15 2011 Seahawks VS Bears(Corrente)

  57. Did i hear right ? Did Ed Hochuli say…no delay of game ..we were stretching our balls ?

  58. Hahahahahahahah he said switching the balls.

  59. Hahah. Thank god for that.

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