Kilra Lloyd –

Hi I’m a fan of NFL and it saddens me to see the officials making calls on one team but not on the other team that makes the same play or. Speaking on the Falcons Seahawks game 10\16\2016 4:05pm on FOX where the officials called a pass interference on  Robert Alford but didn’t call it on Richard Sherman. That not fair and I personally believe that the officials should be fined the same as the player for not calling the calls by the book.


Eric Shippy –

It’s about time you start holding your officials and referees accountable for their poor performance. The side judge who can be seen running down the side line had a clear view as seen on TV (I have a perfect still photo of it) and he doesn’t have the kuhunas to call pass interference on Julio Jones at the end of the game. I would describe him but I’m afraid that’s the reason he probably has his job. I’ve seen him a lot and he’s awful! Anyways, get your stuff together because your guys are costing hard working men ball games they deserve a chance at winning!

Susan Stokes –

I am an athlete all my life and a fan of the Atlanta Falcons.  On today’s game at the end, holding should have been called.  It was obvious to all watching.  And if called, the Falcons would have won.   It is obvious the refs were paid off.    Why play a game if it is fixed???   Those refs should lose their job and a formal apology should be given to the Atlanta Falcons.  And their stats should be improved.  This disgusts me about professional sports. It totally makes people not want to watch.    I pray that you will do something about this situation and make the necessary changes. Sincerely, Susan Stokes

Demetria bell –

The game between the Falcons and Seahawks on 10/16/2016 it was taken from the Falcons everyone know that was holding it look like the same referee from the Dallas game in 2015. Thanks

Faye Whitney –

Upset about referee’s game calling, Or better yet, lack of calling in Falcons vs Seahawks Oct 16, 2016.  They definitely screwed up … Intentionally or not, they should be reviewed and fined just like the players are.  Proud of how my Atlanta Falcons conducted themselves. I’ve been an avid fan since they begin in 1966…through the good and bad seasons.  They are proving to be a great contender.  This is the year for them to “Rise Up”! Love my Dirty Birds.

Jane reiter –

Yesterdays SEAHAWK/FALCON ended with FALCONS losing game because of incompetent REFS. You know the PART TIMERS you hire. Brutal missed call. All in the stadium saw it but not your corps of REFS. A game was LOST. Just check the tape. Suspension or dismissal is required. Even blood tests of your refs, just like the players. Well played game by both teams does not deserve that outcome. That play MUST be reviewed. Falcons got screwed and that’s a FACT.

David Hall –

Really bad no call there with the Falcons – Seahawks game.  Ya’ll really do a good job 99.9% of the time though but that no-call really could have changed the outcome of the game.