terry jennings –

WOW ! Im a Seahawk fan and im watching the seahawks bills game in disbelief For some time I have thought that the NFL Ref,s were sub par at BEST. well tonight they showed me that they are less compitant than first year collage Refs! richard sherman clearly ran into the kicker! a 15yd. personal foul. But the morons called REFS couldnt get that right. FIRE THESE PEABRAINS and getsome real refs


Randy Jones –

How could seattle not be called for ruffling the kicker just before half time on MNF?

That was a terrible no call!
That should be an embarrassment to the officiating crew and Sherman should be fined and so should Carrol who thought it was a clean play

Warren Brunette –

These refs need to think Richard Sherman should’ve got they should’ve been pushed back to 5 yards but the roughing in the kicker roughing the kicker

Bret Jones –

Wow these refs at the Seattle game should never be allowed to ref again. That last 5 seconds was almost as bad as the fail Mary. Ruffling the kicker then taking the kicker out of the game? Then the refs cause the delay of game? Pitiful. Please never let these refs disgrace a field again. I’m a bears fan and felt so upset to comment.

Sally Hicks –

So now it is legal to throw a quarterback to the ground 5 yards out of bounds–oh–only if it is Buffalo. There was a “referee” right there too…no wonder New England wins so much. Apparently you couldn’t see holding by the Patriots though it was clearly there. Do you think we all don’t know? You should be ashamed to be collecting the large salaries that you do. I took officiating in college–I’d like to make 1/4 million to be incompetent…

John Akey –

The refs in the Patriots Bills game on 30th October 2016 should be fired. Countless missed penalties called on the Patriots and penalties called on the Bills were not. The refs clearly favored the Patriots and should be fired. If you cannot find evidence, you should also step down.

Jamie Creamer –

NFL is going to lose me as a fan if you keep favoring Tom Brady. It is sad you could call holding on New England 15 more times a game. If I wanted to watch fake sport I would watch wrestling. I am giving you 2 weeks to be fair to all teams. Then I will never watch Football again.