Daniel Minjarez –

I’d like to know why the referees from week 13 Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings game are not Viewing what the Vikings players are doing to the Dallas Cowboys. Another point is that the play in the second quarter that the cowboys picked off but the hands to the face call happened had nothing to do with the interception should have been 10 yards off the interception. I would like the names of the referees from that game and I’d like for you to retrain they’re eyes their skills and they’re looking. I am very frustrated that happened. Please retrain all you referees, fans and players are getting very annoyed by the decisions of the referees.


Jasmine Curry –

The exorcism of Cole Beasley aka that facemask penalty that yall deliberately ignored was some bullcrap. I have no idea how that one got past yall when yall make all these other calls against players.

James Leffew –

3 missed pass interferences….face mask, and a few other horrible missed penalties against the Dallas Cowboys by the Redskins….y’all r screwin up today ……bad! Get Your Stuff Together!

Steve Singer –

Cole Beasley”s neck was nearly snapped by an unmissable facemasking foul by Gay Williams. Why has he not been fined retroactively as well as the official who was right on top of the play. I say that the foul was not missed just ignored. If the responsible parties are not disciplined these life endangering fouls will happen more and more frequently. It is your responsibility to do something meaningful about it.

Shane Gregory –

just some thoughts. I understand if the player makes the numbers, but when the package changes every game of every season. YOUR group decides to do it in the NFL Playoffs..WTF.. then call a defensive call when the ball was obviously 10-15′ over the receivers head. The last was a call against Dallas Defense for a hold that didn’t even happen, the defender hit him within 5-yards and the receivers route was not altered or changed. You should be ashamed of yourselves and be embarrassed that you referee the NFL. I am pulling my money and sponsorship from every NFL named entity and program that is available secondary to this uncontrolled inability of your staff to correctly observe games and make the correct decisions. YOU ARE NFL REFS not high school and should be held to a higher standard than most and you cannot even make simple calls. I have on my DIRECT TV DVR your refs giving each other a low high five after making a call against the Cowboys and as well a hand slap and good job gesture to J.Cook in the huddle. perception in business is everything and you my friends are terrible at it. Good luck with social media…

Judy Wyles –

The officiating for the Dallas/Green Bay game was horrendous and so one sided. I hope someone reviews this and fines them!!! So sad officials can decide a game of this magnitude!!!!!

Nasir Varnado –

Y’all made a bs call on the cowboys vs packers game y’all know that was not a completed pass this is the 2nd year that the cowboys have been cheated on in the playoffs its OK tho they gon win next year just because y’all cheated

Tiffany Donohoe –

I really think you should drug test Aaron Rogers he looks high off of opiods and I know there is a no tolorence in drugs in the NFL lol at his eyes they are half shut and glassy how is that a fair game and how is that allowed