craig evans –

Why do I coach youth football and then have to explain to them the NFL?
The Seattle receiver is twisting the Lions defender’s head almost completely around by the face mask, and yet the defender is called for pass interference and the touchdown stands.
Give me the words to tell my kids the league is not fixed.


nick weppner –

Dear Detroit week 17 refs,
The game you called was horrid I saw about 20 uncalled penalties that u missed. Weather it was holding on the packers o line or them jumping offsides. I forgot the rule where when u shove someone out of bounds when the ball is thrown to them its not pass interference. I suggest u resign from ur job. U have no place in football and u need to leave
sincerely lions fan

John Drimby –

I am tired of your inept officiating. ..every week I watch your refs totally screw the detroit Lions. ..yesterday against Dallas the refs all but handed the game to the cowboy’s ….what’s in store for the green bay game. ..Aron Rogers will get all the calls going his way and when the Lions show some life you zebras will undoubtedly rip it from them with some bullshit flag ….my daughter can call a game better than you bozos. ..or is the fix already in ….let’s play fair fellas. ..if not fuck you! !!!

Michael Sackett –

So what are you doing to fix the missed, biased calls in our games. We are so tired of this…. Your affecting the outcome of games on these huge missed/biased calls. Might as well eliminate ref’s on the field and do it it from upstairs.
Monday night was a joke..

Jeff Couture –

You Guys better Smarten up! It’s clear as day who you cheat for, you’re destroying the game… Keep it up and you will have a lot of pissed off fans…… You cheated the Dallas/Detroit game…. STOP IT ASSHOLES

Bob Olive –

I’ve watch almost every regular televised game and not once this season did I see a penalty for helmet to helmet contact. Just watching Dallas and Detroit play, in 4th quarter play, Dallas punter went helmet to helmet. It was as clear as can be, but no call. Please for the players safety, don’t get laxed with this call. The call was very clear, especially on the replay. Let’s start calling it! Thanks!…….. Bob

c kambak –

the tackle that was flagged in the Lions Cowboys game was ridicules, the whistle did not blow until after the runner was down. One of the main reason viewership is down is the over abundance of flags thrown this season. Come on let them play.

Al Poturalski –

What a terrible call against the lion defender 91. Your organization should be ashamed giving that advantage to jerry jones and the cowboys. Horrible hurts the fan base not even a lions fan. Stupidity by the referees just like earlier when bryant had a face mask. Blind referees and stupid.

Chris Stegenga –

You all fucking suck when it comes to officiating. If your going to be referees and get paid do your fucking job correctly. Tonight’s game you don’t call a damn thing on Dallas yet Bryant legitimately grabbed his face mask then there offensive lineman have there hands all up in the Lions defense’s face. Your a disgrace to this fucking country as human beings and always think that after the game it’s ok to apologize for missed calls. This is your fucking job I’m in the military if I did my job as half assed as you people would die so how about you do your jobs unbiased and fuck Goodell and what he says and who he wants in the playoffs. Your all a bunch of fucking losers who I wouldn’t even die for if this country would ever to be invaded.

Bruce Walker –

I am watching the Lions/Cowboys game.
And I am seeing at lot of no calls on the cowboys. The face mask in the end zone. Pass interference. Twice. All 3 on the Cowboys. I can see the game is Fixed. How much do they get $$$ for not many making calls. So the Cowboys can Win?
It is about time that the NFL admit that the game is fake like wrestling.