Skip Soden –

Wondering why officials aren’t calling penalties on New Orleans Saints for after play shenanigans. So far, Lions QB was intentionally slapped in the face, and a Saints player continued to wrestle for the ball well after a completed Lions pass. Are the Saints paying for the refs today?

Wake up you guys!!!


Joe King –

First off you guys gave 2 turn overs back to the Vikings and that’s bull shit because you guys know damn well slay was not holding then you give them an obvious extra 2 yards for a first down when even the announcers said he was short

Daniel Tonn –

I am sorry, but I have to complain about the officiating on the Lions Vikings game. I have been an NFL fan for over 45 years and have supported even officiating. However, when officials completely control rhythm of the game it is unacceptable. If you’re calling it close, fine. Do it for both teams.