Dean Shaw –

Fans don’t want NFL officials deciding the outcome of a game. That is exactly what happened with that call on Clay Mathews. There were other questionable pass interference calls that were ignored. Announcers said officials let them play on those no calls. Terrible call that cost the Packers the game. Another giant disgrace by the NFLand it’s offiating crew, .

It is very apparent that referee Tony Corrente did not look at the replay tapes regarding the bullshit call against Clay Matthews before he shot off his mouth that Mathews picked up Cousins and drove him into the turf. Just another official with the don’t confuse me with the facts attitude because my mind is made up. If he can’t review the replay and admit he blew it then he does not need to continue to officiate NFL games.


Perry Zyduck –

If the nfl is going to treat QB’s as off limits the least they can do is have a review to see if it’s acc call. It really a disservice to the game to let a bad call decide the outcome of a game. The extremely bed call in the Packers Vikings game changed to outcome of the game it was over 20 min. Earlier

Graham Blaikie –

Packers v vikings game .

Im Am so disgusted at the referees call on clay Mathews . It was the last hit on the vikings quarter back cousins to take the packers game into over time. I am so so disappointed in the decision . I hope an apologie is issued from the league.

Chris Lynch –

Your employees ineptitude throughout the GB vs. MN changed the course of a game and the season.

Their mis-calls affected the rest of the game and now, league standings.

I am not anot impressed, but no one was.

Please do better, it’s hard to watch.

– Chris Lynch
Owner, Green Bay Packers

Zach Bloedorn –

What is roughing the passer because that’s was a bubullshit call against clay Mathews against the Viking i hope that red dies

Patrick Martin –

I just watched the WORST referee job in NFL history. I am a Minnesota Vikings fan and I can’t believe we were able to tie the game against our rival Packers on several VERY poor calls by the referees. Yes, I like that we got in to overtime with the Packers, but I am overwhelmingly angry that we did it PURELY on BAD calls by the referees. REALLY really bad job guys.

There will not be another NFL game watched in my house for the rest of the 2018/2019 season PURELY to the horrible work done by the refs in this game.

Go Vikings: see you next season.

Nolan McLeod –

How was that pass interference on Clay Matthews vs the Vikings. That is ridiculous

Brian Ashley –

I was unaware that Clay Matthews wasn’t allowed to touch the QB, how many bad calls does one crew have to make before they get booted from the NFL? This is ridiculous, absolutely poor officiating

Frank King –

We are watching the Packer – Vikings game and we see the hit on Aaron Rodgers, and are wondering if the officials of this game and any game the Packers play are satisfied that they caused the injury to Rodgers. I hope they are happy.
They should be sued for imitating a referee in this game. There is no RESPECT from the Officials to the Packer Organization at all. Every other quarterback in the League gets respect, but not the Packers.
I hope they are satisfied.
Maybe we should extend some good old woodshed hospitality to them when they come into town.

Alan Rode –

I thought the officiating in last night’s GB-Atlanta game was an embarrassment to the profession. The pick play call on Marcellus Bennett was clearly incorrect and changed the entire course of the game. The later call on a similar play which cost GB a touchdown was marginal at best. When Mike McCarthy demanded an explanation, he was apparently ignored which triggered a meltdown and an unsportsmanlike conduct call. When a similar situation occurred against New England and Tom Brady, the officials working the game listened to the argument and picked up the flag. Does one have to be a New England Patriot to get a fair hearing about a bad call? It is indeed unfortunate when an official inserts himself into the game and compounds the problem with an arrogant response. The baseless charges of NFL officials playing home town favorites invariably occurs when a game is so ineptly officiated as it was last night in Atlanta.