Jesse Kyle –

Y’all are the worst officiating crew I have ever seen. Call a damn unsportsman like conduct on Aaron Rodgers when he barely even touched the man. Y’all need to be retrained or retire one.


Mary Mani –

Again you refs are screwing the Packers. Come on. A game of this caliber should have better referees! Shame. I bet you got paid off.

Mary Mani –

Your refs are missing a lot of calls for this game GB/Dallas. They need to get their crap together. Specially for a game of this caliber. Are they trying to fix the game so Dallas wins? COME ON.

Claudio Avila –

When are the refs going to start calling the holding on the Dallas cowboys, they are doing this at will almost roping the packers jerseys off with no calls. Wake up refs.

Tim Roberts –

How do you miss the penalty on the Jordy Nelson hit by the crown of the tackles helmet? A ref about 10 yards away in perfect position? Thought that was a point of emphasis for past 2 years ridiculous

Steve Walker –

Packers vs Giants. Why is Jordy Nelson knocked out of the game with an illegal hit and nothing happens to Giants 25? Why is a face guard infraction permitted against the Packers? Bad officiating?