Kevin Chadwick –

Perhaps you could write about how the NFL referees are biased and decide football games week in and week out? How they call bogus penalties against one team and don’t call blatant fouls by the other? It was obvious to me that the Steelers were picked by the officials to win the game against the Chiefs today – not sure if the Chiefs will overcome the officials being one-sided and cheating or not, but it is most definitely happening – shameful and disgusting. Even worse is that I am not sure if the Vikings will be able to overcome the blatant cheating in favor of the Packers – I have yet to see a game in the last three years that the officials were not blatantly and obviously cheating in favor of one team – not this “interpretation” stuff but not calling blatant, obvious and in the open fouls by one team and calling non-existent fouls against the other. In short: NFL officials suck – I am a high school football coach and to be honest the guys we have calling our freshman football games might be bad, but at least they are bad for both teams – I would prefer that to the cheating, partisan NFL officials. Do something about it, I’m about to just check out and stop watching NFL football at all.


Douglas Courtier –

I don’t know who lied when they said that you put only the best crews in charge of NFL games, but that is definitely a lie. The Chiefs/Titans game was run by idiots. Blatant miscall’s that can not be fixed. This crew was not even close on their calls. Triplette should never be allowed to officiate another NFL game. You can ignore me and hide behind your press conference lies, but the truth will come out. Maybe someone should try REALLY looking at the films and be honest. Of course, I doubt that will happen. Those effected can not say anything for fear of punishment. I hope the fans rush the field on the next game that is so poorly officiated like this one and go after the crew. Evidently, you don’t care.

Bob Mayor –

Chiefs-Titans….WORST referee game I have ever seen!!! Triplet and his crew should be fined and held accountable for their inept game!! Really…Mariotta forward progress stopped when he fumbled…these idiot refs need to go back to school and learn the game…

Chiefs…Titans game…WTF!!!! Your crew frickin missed so many calls and made some stupid ass calls that cost the Chiefs the game…good job dumb asses…you should be banned for life for calling another game

Brent Williams –

The Raiders and Chiefs game on 10/20/17 was one the worst officiated games that I have seen in several years. The Raiders ripped Tyreek Hills’ helmet off on a return. Facemask and clothesline tackles were too numerous and some were not called. The Raiders were ruthless and vicious beyond the conduct that should be expected from a professional player. This game was turned into a bloodsport. The Chiefs made some stupid interference plays on defense. However, calling three pass interference infractions to give the Raiders three shots at scoring a TD with no time left on the clock was ludicrous. The Raiders were definitely given more freedom to abuse the rules of the game. I am surprised players on both side weren’t seriously injured or lost for the season. Please have the ref’s review this to improve their control of a game that got out hand. My question for the ref crew is would you have gotten out of the stadium safely if the Chiefs had won. I would assume you have police escorts and disguises to get out of the Oakland Coliseum.

Bryan Brazeal –

I do have a comment on the Pittsburgh Steelers and kc chiefs game that the officials of the game let the steeler play dirt they did not want to call any penalty on the Steelers. They all of late hit and rough passer and cheap shout on the Steelers.

Gomar Kuhl –

I have seen two. . .. yes “two” games that the ’49ers have “WON”. . . directly caused or “created” by the refs. . . First: KC/49ers . . . When the 49er quarterback, ran out of bounds on 3rd down, and he clearly was at least “one” yard short. Not one foot, but one yard short, and they spotted it “one” yard over the 1st down marker. What was truly amazing to me, was on the red flag replay. .. . the booth ref confirmed the spot, with thousands at the stadium, and possibly millons watching on TV. . . clearly saw the replay seven times, and seven times he (qrtrbk) wasn’t even close. . .. ????? How could the booth ref possibly “not” see this. ??? Very blatant “GiveMe” right there… Also, instead of 4th/1yd, which they would have to punt back to KC when they were ahead 2 TD’s, close to the half, the 49ers went in for the score. Call in my opinion, the “game-changer”. Second: Monday night football 49ers/STL. On the “HOLDING CALL” on STL, after a 46yd play, while they were 2 TD’s ahead, and moving toward another score before the half, and probably would have run out the time in the least event, instead, had to punt, gave the 49ers chance to score just before half time and went in 14 – 10 instead of possibly 21 – 3, because of a “HOLDING CALL”. . . which upon replay, drew several comments from the TV commentators “worst call I’ve seen in yrs”. .. . Result. .. . .??? Game Changer Call. .. So. . do the 49ers bring “Their Own” refs to their games. .. . from this person, it certainly looks like it. And “BOOTH” refs also. . .. . It’s a terrible thing to have such biased and “lousy” calls, that always seems to be slanted toward the 49ers advantage.. . .. .. Get With It Refs. .. . call it right. Every Time.

Brian Chick –

Chiefs vs 49ers. 1st half. Chiefs challenge the spot. Everyone can see Kappernick goes out of bounds well before the 1st down. How do they not reverse that call? Even the announcers said it was a bad call. How can you review the play and not reverse it? How do the 49ers go an entire half with 1 penalty, an offsides? How did the refs miss the late hit/unnecessary roughness on San Fran with 9 seconds left and call a penalty on Charles? How do the refs miss the full back for San Fran going out of bounds 2 yards short of the first down, yet give him an 11 yard gain? I think it’s time to either get some younger refs with better vision or explain that just because the game is being played in San Fran doesn’t mean all calls go their way. When the officials have that much impact on a game, it ruins the game.

Michael Perko –

I know that referring is subjective. nobody’s eyes can be everywhere all the time. I did it for years at little guy football games and as hard as you try to be even….. someone, somewhere will object. so it is with some trepidation that I write this. If you are going to call something call it consistently across the board. ya’ll called the Raiders-Chiefs game like you had bets on the Raiders. i.e.,pass interference is the same no matter which team is guilty… same with holding… holy crap get a grip.

Cameron Lindsey –

Referees in the Jax vs KC game ejected Kelce for complaining to the refs about missing a call. Shouldn’t they have seen the facemask Kelce was penalized for. Not the first time a player has been ejected for complaining about refs missing calls.

Ralph Hanby –

The hit that gave Alex Smith a concussion was unnecessary roughness. No penalty was called.

Alex slide was down on the ground and the defensive man came in contact with him when he was down. The defensive player purposely reached for his head and pounded it into the ground giving Alex a concussion. This happened after Alex was down of his on volition.
I think it’s time to stop this kind of action designed to hurt, get him out of the game. Head was pounding into the ground after the whistle sound should’ve been a major Penalty. Watch the video and start protecting these players against malicious actions