Barry Gray –

I for am getting tired of the refs screwing the Vikings, 3 markee games the last week and you put in home town refs for the team against Vikings. Just saw another holding by Pat’s in front of refs and no call, you all suck

Your home town refs are still cheating for the pats, definite pass interference on the second pass, you all SUCK, Quick kissing Brady’s ASS

Again, yout cheating refs don’t call taunting on biliceck, kissing the parade ass, fuckers


Kurt Orenstein –

Worst call tonight in 51 years of watching NFL. Stuck towel on vikings linbacker wrist. He flicks it off and gets 15 yards for unsportsman like conduct. Drive lead to winning T.D. Shame on that crew, should all be fired. Total disgrace to league and fans.

Ronald Girard –

Was the Vikings/Rams game officiating fair? Seems the Block in the back flag should not of been picked up. I clearly saw hands on Sendejo between the 3 and the 4 which are on his back, not on his side as the Ref indicated to Zimmer. Also Theilen was NEVER touched when he got up and headed for the endzone only to be ruled down by contact. Totally wrong, Vikings got hosed out of 6 points and Rams given 3.

Ethan Sporn –

Explain to me how that is not a block in the back by the rams linemen on the Vikings defender!! And they even picked up the flag!! You refs need to figure this shit out! You make the game less fun and hard to watch. F U!

Kevin Chadwick –

Perhaps you could write about how the NFL referees are biased and decide football games week in and week out? How they call bogus penalties against one team and don’t call blatant fouls by the other? It was obvious to me that the Steelers were picked by the officials to win the game against the Chiefs today – not sure if the Chiefs will overcome the officials being one-sided and cheating or not, but it is most definitely happening – shameful and disgusting. Even worse is that I am not sure if the Vikings will be able to overcome the blatant cheating in favor of the Packers – I have yet to see a game in the last three years that the officials were not blatantly and obviously cheating in favor of one team – not this “interpretation” stuff but not calling blatant, obvious and in the open fouls by one team and calling non-existent fouls against the other. In short: NFL officials suck – I am a high school football coach and to be honest the guys we have calling our freshman football games might be bad, but at least they are bad for both teams – I would prefer that to the cheating, partisan NFL officials. Do something about it, I’m about to just check out and stop watching NFL football at all.

Tom Warner –

Please explain why the pass to Adam Thielen (Minn) in the end zone at Carolina on 12/10/17 was not a completed pass.

Drew Cornwell –

Stop setting games up there be a investigation into if u guys have been or letting bribes in the NFL

Stefan Stoebe –

As a fan of the NFL. I’m upset with the one sided officiating of the lions and Vikings game. Pass interference calls against the Vikings have been weak and the Lions get away with murder! Referees are affecting this game. I’m about to join the rest of the population and start boycotting the NFL. My Vikings team is consistently screwed and I’m sick of it. Fix this issue. Are officials being paid off? It’s pathetic!!!

Jer Van Dyke –

I was watching the Vikings game and noticed quite a few missed calls I know it’s not your fault but just go back to the old days let him play

Jay Price –

Never contacted you before. I cannot express how awful the officiating was during the Vikings
vs Loins game. I’m starting to believe
the games are fixed. That was the last
game I’ll see this year!