Lacey Suiter –

Automatic rematch between saints and rams. Bulkshit calls were made, or not made for that matter. REMATCH!!! Please.


Zack Dumond –

Are y’all fucking blind? You are worse than a high school ref. Come on man the saints would have won that game if it wasn’t for you dumb people. Lol I’m done watching the nfl it’s rigged af and y’all dont even call it right anymore

Arleen Neeitt –

I watched the Saints and the Rams championship game today. My family attended the game. I wish to file a complaint on the referee not throwing a flag for pass interference. It was so clear that the Ram player didn’t turn his head or try to catch that pass. It was a straight out tackle on the Saints player. This ref should be suspended and never be allowed to work a championship ship game again. This game was for the Super Bowl. No margin for such a out right bad call. It wasn’t even a close call. The announcers said it was a horrible call since all the Saints would have had to do was run down the clock and kick the winning field goal. One thing to lose a game but to have the game stolen by a ref is Sad !!!!!

Yvonne Dietl –

What the Hell.

I just watched the Rams and Saints game. The Ref actually screwed the game. There were at least 3 calls against the Ram that I didn’t see called. The major one was the hit on the Saints player, under 2 minutes that was not reviewed. I am a Chiefs fan, but I am concerned that the final game will be a joke. Why are the refs not held accountable. Saying you are sorry the next day helps no-one. Get a grip.

John Elser –

I am neither and rams or saints fan but how can you as refs determine the outcome of the game. You have to be ashamed of yourself. Let the players play the game and call it straight up. You determined the outcome of the game and that is unethical. Be shamed of yourself. you made a mistake review ever call in the last 5 minutes if it is close. The payers and fans deserve more. Gaddel go home and diappear. As you see yourself bigger than the people paying the ticket prices you are nobody. Yo lost touch with reality and you need to ride off into the sunset before you tank the league.

Beth McFarland –

Total bullshit with ref not making calls in Saints Rams game today. Go to hell, NFL. I can spend my $ elsewhere

Steven Rothwell –

It’s obvious the refs are on the take with money they helped the rams beat dallas and then they helped them beat the saints I am a military member and am definitely done watching the NFL thanks for ruining the game period.


The infamous no call in the Saints Rams game should lead to an intensive investigation, including the finances of the refs involved. I have been watching NFL games for 50 years, but this is the first time I have ever observed something so egregious that it motivated me to communicate in this way. Shame!

Curtis Barfield –

Saints vs rams – worst call ever which would have ended game ……. never watching NFL again and I have many others saying the same. This sport will end becuase of refs.

Shawn Bergstrom –

As a veteran with 16 decorations, you lost me tonight with your no call. I’m done with your league. You lost the essence of the game. Life isn’t fair, I know this…but you took something away from a people tonight. So obvious a call, your job is to be invisible…you reared your ugly head. Thank you for taking me away from this sport. War ain’t fair, this was supposed to be.

Major Shawn Bergstrom

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