Larry LoPiccolo –

I have a question, I live in Philly, but life long Giants fan. I don’t get every year when the Giants go on the road to play the Eagles, the refs tend to notice every single thing the Giants do, but the obvious penalties against the Eagles never get called. Its been 4 years I’ve noticed this, and 4, years I’ve contacted you with no response.

It seems like the refs are like the Obama, Clinton administration for the Eagles. One set of rules for 1 team and another for the Giants. Its very frustrating watching these games vs the Eagles by the one sided officiating. Blown calls happen I get it, but 4th down play in front of the ref by the Giants sideline missing an obvious pass interference is totally bullshit. Its pathetic, and The roughing the passer on Vernen seriously. Way to hand the game to the Eagles on their turf. Refs are probably scared of their trashy classless fans, but you stoop their level by favoring them by making no calls and horrible calls. I hope next time we play in Philly, you can put refs with a set of balls that can call a fair game, and not afraid of the backlash of the fans.


Connor Rogers –

Please tell me HOW THE FUCK IS THAT ROUGHING THE PASSER in the eagles and giants game

Stephen Annese –

I have never done this before but the call of unnecessary roughness on the Giants vs the Eagles will make me stop watching professional football. That was the worst call I’ve ever seen in my 57 years.

Robin Purnell –

Let’s go back to when Apple touched the side of Wentz. You call roughing the passer. But Cam Newton gets head alomost taking off. And no call. But you have Apple barely touching his leg with his hand. And you call roughing the passer. But I seen Manning get plowed with the ball out of his hand for 5 seconds no call. You should be ashamed of yourself. I getting 1 million signatures guaranteed saying you guys should be replaced every year. And I’ll keep pushing to we get the real facts about your play calling. You had bell and brown shake hands for a touch down. Big fine for both of them by the NFL. then you have Elliott jump in a Salvation Army kettle no fine. This sport is for the fans of football. And the people have to get together and start making noise tell you call games fair and the NFL. is fair to all players. So stop choosing who’s going to win a game. Because you didn’t hear the end of this. I guarantee you that just like the owners you guarantee that there team will win. Let the players do that by calling it fair.

Robin Purnell –

Stop making so obvious that you wanted Dallas to clinch tonight. I never seen anything like it. Do only thing you didn’t do tonight was run the ball down the field. It was sickening the calls tonight. The bad calls no pass interference call against Shepard. The ref was watching the whole thing. Then the roughing the passer. I could keep going. Such bad calls tonight. All the refs should be investigated. Eithier your taking kickbacks (cash) or getting something out of your non calls. As well as your calls. It’s bad when Chris was saying about the pass interference call you didn’t call. But had a ref behind the quarterback watching the whole thing. Go back and watch the tape. If you can’t be bias on calling a game then don’t do it. Call the right calls. Make it fair for both teams. Not the one you want to win.

Keith Myers –

Freakin horrible calls during the end of the freakin Giants vs eagles game!!! Sheppard got pretty much rapped on the the 4 the down play but no call ridiculous!!! Whose to blame. I make a mistake at work I’m to blame !!! Unbelievable!!! Wentz gets taken down to the side as he’s passing and giants get hit with roughing the passer. Really. Unbelievable. Start watching college

Shelly Fagen –

I just finished watching the Eagles /Giant game and was disgusted with the refs missing a pass interference call against the Eagles. The referees fail to see Cruz getting the crap knocked out of him by the safety guarding him. That was the turning point of the game, and the dumb zebras missed an obvious pass interference. The referees make the games outcome unbelievable.
Make sure they get their eyes checked and no job in the super bowl!!!!!

Kevin Wicks –

The past interference call against the Giants today was the most ridiculous call ive ever seen in my life. Please let the ref they call that know how awful it was