Michael Schoell –

To whom it may concern,

I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Our playoff Hope’s are done. I would love to get a clear explanation of the bullshit offensive pass interference call on Dallas Goedert 75 yard touchdown pass that was called back on a ridiculous flag thrown by a referee that most likely had other monetary interests in mind at the time he decided to call a bullshit penalty to work in his favor.


Warren Bittner –

Dallas vs Eagles worst game calling I ever saw. They pick up flag for a dallas play not a play for Eagles when offense interference was not

First play how can they get so wrong, nfl will go along with the referee. These referees were or some were for dallas

Hubert Smith –

You all about the eagle cowboy game 1st play where the hell were your eyes on that play..I’m disappointed in the hole call on that play somebody should get fired..the a hole who made that call

Glenn G. –

The refs doing there job against the eagle’s again. Wentz elbow was down. We had every cheating call against us. We will still beat your Seahawks….bahahaha.

Jeff Brodie –

You all should give your head a shake if u think Pete morelli is not biased towards the eagles. LoOK at the stats over the eagles games he was the referee. Give your heads a fuckin shake. At least he is old and won’t be around the league that much longer

David Scoda –

Pete Morelli and his crew who called the Thursday night eagles game should all be fired. Take a hard look at all the calls made against the Eagles vs for the eagles in the last five games calld by Morelli’s crew. It has been a very one-sided picture thus far. Let’s try and do the right thing here because if you look at last night’s game vs Carolina there’s only one thing to do. Fire them all!!

Joe Kidd –

I sure hope the NFL looks into the officiating crew from the Eagles/Panthers game on Thursday night. Obvious lopsided calls against the Eagles and only 1 for Panthers ?

Brooke Hall –

1. Open your eyes.
2. Stop missing obvious calls.
3. Don’t make it so obvious that you are for one team over another.
4. Stop throwing the flag for nothing.

Jordan Tallini –

You fools, you ruin the nfl, case in point, tonight’s eagles/packers game. You crooked striped idiots have done some obvious fixing in this one

Owen Hoffman –

I would like to file a complaint against the refs during the eagles falcons game on that no call for the helmet to helmet contact on Jordan Mathews