Phyllis Wessells –

How many times have we endured decisions made that favored the Patriots? This is outrageous! It was clear that the Steelers won this game. Then when the TD was called back, the clock was not given the lost seconds and the clock was not stopped when the runner stepped out. Result, the Steelers saw the inequity so they rushed. Then there was a win for the Patriots that they should not have had. Games like this turn off fans. I know the small fans aren’t considered. But we see the games and we know fair. I’ve been watching before some of these players and commentators were born. I don’t like UNFAIR and neither should YOU!


Debbie McFall –

The game between the Patriots and the Steelers. The last seconds were a disaster for officials. I am going to make sure all news outlets know and see these last few plays.

Terry Ditson –

The call that negated a CLEAR TOUCHDOWN was the worst call I’ve ever seen in football. Terrible terrible call. Bullshit call bulkshit.

Ron Marshia –

Ref blows call on Pat’s Steelers game totally corrupt. Do the Pat’s pay off official’s?

Robert Troup –

The refs in the Pittsburg game are pussies and I want to lineup against them. Assholes we don’t watch agame to see you fags we want to see the rel men!!!! Fuck you all that keep penalizing the steelers for pussy rules! By a man and let the big boys play! Fuck the refs! Fuck all the refs moving fo ward because they don’t like the way the steelers play! Suck it fags!

I have to wear glasses because I have an issue with seeing thing but your staff have got to get their heads out of their asses because they can’t see through all their shit from the bangles assholes! Jerry fuck you! Happy fuck you day!

How many of you fuck shits want the steelers to lose?????????? Fuck off! Let me know if we can ever meet!

I can’t believe the incompetence of these assholes your Nkomo going to call a guy for pass interference when he tackles a guy in the end zone but you call a holding penalty for some one when they suck and turn their back and it it results in a return of a touchdown! Shame on your pothiticmess

Curt Natarelli –

So Sean Davis gets fined but Ben gets drilled by a guy who took 3 steps after Ben threw the ball and drills him into the ground, no flag, no fine. Oh if it were Brady???? It’s not a good look for you guys

Amy Laney –

My name is Amy, obviously. I have been involved and watched football for over 10 years. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. On that note… the refs this year are horrible. Please allow me to point out 2 calls today alone. The Steelers ravens fame saying the ravens got an interception. Are you kidding me ? His knee is obviously down. 2nd one, but by far not the only mistakes they have made was the cardinals 49ers game. It was obvious Ellington maintained control and was inbounds, but I was reversed. Where was the concrete evidence to overturn that. Please tell me the refs make it not even fun because no matter how hard the players try the refs call what they want. Maybe it’s uneducation maybe it’s people on a power trip but it needs to be stopped. If they can’t ref right they need to lost their jobs. It’s going to end up getting someone hurt one day.

Clark Barlow –

Quit favoring the Patriots. I’ve seen more penalties on them that weren’t called than completed passes in the game. Quit favoring teams and be fair. That’s what your job means.

Warren Bittner –

Officials says recover by Pittsburgh and you see ball come out of Brady and they still don’t overturn call and gave to New England

Officials were really bad this year. They don’t call it both ways.
New England vs Pittsburgh no penalty against New England so far not one I see a few they don’t call

Robert Castillo –

Why does your Officials CHEAT for the New England Patriots! That Fumble was Clearly recovered by Pittsburgh! Did you see the Pittsburgh player standing with the ball in their hands? Unbelievable!

I just watched the SECOND HOLD by New England NOT CALLED! The NE defender was tackling the receiver before the ball arrived! Our Your Officials watching the same game?

I stopped watching. You Cheaters are going to make sure New England wins.
By the Way, I’m a LA Rams fan who likes to watch a good Fair Officiated, Cleanly Played Game!