Greg Gentry –

This the worst NFL officiating I have ever seen. Even a layman knows that you don’t pass interference when the pass is 8 ft. over the receiver’s head. Then a holding call was not called even when the blocker had his arms wrapped around the rusher from behind. This effectively decided the outcome of one game. The last game of the night the group tried every way they could to flag K C into a win. If I had the power to start an investigation into the betting of the officials that were calling these games.


Terry sir –

Fuck you Antonio brown was in bounds

Scott Spencer –

Watching the steeler bengal game and it’s pretty clear the refs are being bought by the bengals OR they are just incompetent! NFL ratings are already in decline so don’t help it with poor refereeing.

Bill Jack –

Funny not one holding call on the Patriots all game. You guys are a joke. Retire you old washed up refs. You are the worst. Biased little girls.

Michael McDermott –

the refereeing today in the Steelers game was ridiculous it was at least three passes by Pittsburgh where the defender is holding the receivers arm down right in front of the referee and the ball sailed over his head and he can’t even reach to catch it and nothing’s called