Darlene Demjen –

The refs that were at the YSU VS. W. Illinois were the worst refs I have ever seen. I am very disappointed with the whole crew. I know we are not a big univerity like ohio state but we should have the same refs with knowledge of football. There calls were so bad that I thought I was at high school game, but even hight school refs were better than these. You need to check into this group. Something needs to be done.


Gavin Tate –

I don’t care about the game tonight because Im a Redsiks fan but Reggie Wayne was called for a catch on the field and it’s supposed to be indisputable evidence that he didn’t have control of the ball but there was no evidence he dropped the ball his right hand could have had control the whole time,and Johnson never made a football move because the ball was moving

l kjeldsen –

Referees in Seattle vs Wa are crooks and ruining the game … should be fired

robert lorenzi –

These refs on this monday nite game are butchering it….i dont like either team but it just goes to show how crooked referees are…u can control the scoring outcome by throwing your yellow flag. Joke. ..i come from a criminal backround unfortunately so i understand what u guys do. And if u say to yourself that u guys dont control certain games , well than you are lying

Benjamin Fisher –

Two picked up flags in Bills vs Lions game. That was the def. of pass interference lol! You guys are a fucking joke! You are there to not decide outcome! Call it both ways assholes. You are ruining this great game of football! Stop with the fucking flags!!

Mary Nielsen –

Why was there not a review of that last touchdown for wsu vs cal? You reviewed many calls that game why not that one? It was a touchdown and you cost wsu the game. I want an explanation so do expect a reply. The random review rule does not work, either review all or non. Might want to think about going with the nfl rules of review with challenges.

Hunter Scarborough –

Is it just me or are the refs worse then ever with horrible game deciding nothing to do with the play bad calls? I’m surprised they haven’t had death threats by crazy fans but they are wrecking the game. I don’t pay attention to plays until after they snap the ball again. The calls are crazy pointless and trash the game!!!!!!!!!! At time of this email my teams is 3-0 ( not bias) horrible officialing!,

Bob Butler –

Your Refs are ruining the game. Make sensible calls. Some are just rediculous