Rafe Cervone –

Hey ur refs messed up in New Orleans and in Kansas City can u fixed that


BJ Sidarasavath –

How the fuck do I become a referee? I have a credit score of 240, an IQ of 3 and eye sight of 2/4.

You mother fuckers are the worlds laughing stock of the one of the legendary worst no calls of all time. I hope you are proud fuckers. Holy fucking shit. What the fuck is being taught and developed on something the whole world saw but not one single “pro” out there caught it. Fuck you and your bullshit ass developmental programs for referreeing. Stevie Wonder was even astounded. You all represent how this nations government leaders right now. WTF… get it together or hire my broke ass to bring a realist aspect to your program. Whatever the fuck it is that’s being trained seems like it’s by some screwball who’s never sat in a stadium seat for a game in his life and has only been in the luxury booths. Get a grip assholes.

Robert Bram –

I was rooting for the Rams against the Saints.This was a poor officiated game. There was multiple missed calls that were blatant. The Saints should have won this game. Thank you for letting the Rams win!!

Sam Finney –

Thé Offficiating for the Chiefs vs thé Colts was bad.

Thé officials did mot favor Either team

Thé officials made bad calls for booth

Check il out for yourself

Ira Henry –

The refs need to start calling fair games it’s bullshit helping other teams win

Howard Wesenberg –

I watched the Bears/Vikings game on 12/30/2018. I thought the refs did a very,very poor job of officiating.
I am a Chicago Bears fan for 50 years, I have never seen so many phamtom or missed holding calls in all the years I have been watching NFL football.
Whoever takes care of assigning crews need to take a very close look at this game.
Again this a very piss poor job by the officials on the field.
Howard Wesenberg

Barry Quick –

Crappy oficiating has completely ruined NFL football
Get some honest referees. These guys obviously owe an allegiance to the current day Arnold Rothstein.
Absolutely pathetic!

Susanne Hall –

Yes I realize this site is not affiliated with the NFL. Therefore I am free to say I am surprised no crooked refs have been shot.
They are obviously corrupt and taking bribes. I just stop watching the games where this occur–Chiefs and Rams should have been a great game but after 6 penalties in 6 minutes I knew the refs would insure the Rams win.
Disgusting pieces of s**t have ruined the game. I’m boycotting next year.
No wonder ratings have sunk.

Susan Szanyi –

Watching the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens game today. Refs are ruining another game. They are impacting games by blown plays and blowing whistles too early. It is ridiculous this year. The games are getting too frustrating to watch. What are you doing to fix it? It’s running the game.

Louie Fowler –

All of you refs are bad. It’s really obvious you have your own agenda on what team will win. I hope your payoffs for bad calls are worth it. Can’t watch football any longer because of you the refs. Shame on you.