Eddster Evanshilick –

You guys are fucking morons. – the entirety of football fans everywhere


Dan Allen –

Honestly? Is there a mandate to keep certain teams out of the playoffs and give others more of a chance? I know it may sound ridiculous but some of these blatantly bad calls on certain teams year in and year out points to such a possibility. Please prove me wrong.

Brian Heckler –

Dear cheating bastars that took a win from the steelers,with your fantom calls. You suck and should be fired. Remember you suck!!!! Hey nfl Comish do your job and get these Homer refs out of the game!!! Here’s an idea, fire yourself to!! Your just as guilty as them cheating ass refs in New Orleans!

David Wehmeyer –

What is up with the referees this year. Every game that I’ve watched or attended the referees have been terrible. They are calling penalties when there was no violation or one that was so minor it didn’t matter, and they’re not calling penalties when there was an obvious violation. Probably the worst referee calling I’ve seen since the strike! At least they’re consistent, they’re doing it to every team.

Craig Befort –

Just finished the chiefs/chargers game. You guys are transparently pathetic. Grab a dictionary to understand what that means .I am so tired of the blatantly biased ( that means favoring one side you idiots) officiating. If you just want teams on the coast to win, then dissolve half the league and be done. But quit the ruse. It’s embarrassing for your league .I know you knuckle dragging morons are rolling your eyes at this, but wise up .Your league will go down because you, like all of the other coastal elites, don’t understand and care about half the country. I’m done with the NFL. Good luck

Darrin Jones –

How do these NFL referees have jobs. They are unbelievably horrendous at their jobs.?

Adam Wilson –

You all should be fired. You are all playing favorites to make your team win. I believe the NFL is rigged by the way you all call the games. I could go on for countless hours of bad calls or no calls. Once again though you choose to screw over my team. Its not just about my team though its about all the teams. Learn to call the games fairly or quit. I hope the NFL does a detailed review and fires every last one of you.

Lanny Covey –

The refs this year have made more f’ed up call than they have in all the history of the NFL! PITIFULLLLLLLLLLLL.

Art Gallaway –

Your officials suck a hold that wasent explain that I said it be for and I will say it again the officials were as bad as ever and the sad part is they will send a letter to the team and say how sorry they are I’m done

Ken Lund –

I am sorry, but the officiating this year is ridiculously poor. I could care less who wins most of the time. In large part I have stopped watching the NFL as it is more about revenue and spoiled adult children than sports. It looks like calls are made to affect the outcomes of games.

Also, get some younger people that can actually move with the players & have better physical conditioning.