Erick DuQuette –

Simply appalling officiating as of late…I am at a loss for words. Please stop ruining this game that I love.


Joe Panarella –

I cannot believe the calls or lack of calls the refs are making during the chief charger game this evening. I am embarrassed for the NFL on such poor play calling.
Please look into this.

Robert Smart –

The NFL officiating for the Chargers vs Chiefs game was terrible. The holding penalties to keep the 4th qtr drive alive for the Chiefs was tantemount to gaming the game. They should be sanctioned and fined. Get it together gentlemen.

Robert Smart

Who Dat Saints Fan

Art Gallawsy –

Here we go again a hold that wasent. Then a touchdown called be for the recover had control of the ball trying to steel another one from the chiefs

This is why I quit watching football. To be true if I tried to pull junk like that at my job I would be fired but I guess when officials defied who the want to win that’s the way it is. And please don’t tell me all officials are unbiased that’s a lie.

Jeff Brodie –

If that fuckin ref clete Blackmon should continue on being a referee after today’s game he should not show his face in toronto
He is a piece of shit and I’ll knock him out if he comes to Toronto. How the fuck can this guy miss plays.

Gary Moss –

When will we see fair and impartial referring in the NFI? You steel games from teams all the time. Some officiating crews should be banned from ever officiating gams. I’ve seen them steel games from the Steelers, Bengals, and more. if the officiating crew cannot be fair and impartial, then send them somewhere the outcome does not affect their loyalties. In my opinion after watching more games than I care to, the officiating crews are told who should win or they have been paid off by someone to fix the outcome. It really sucks.

Karen McDowell –

The NFL better get its act together. The officiating is deplorable. Look at the Eagles vs Dallas game and critique the officiating. It’s deplorable. No consistency. The games have become non viewable… guess why. Your viewership lessons every year. Why? Officiating and rules make it unwatchable

Dawn Henn –

The ruffing the passer call during the cowboys vs Eagles tonight 11/9/18 game was the worst referee call I’ve ever seen!! I am not a fan of either team and was angered 😡. Who hires these refs. Effing terrible. We will not watch the NFL anymore!!’

William Hendrix –

Y’all missed some many calls in the KC vs Baltimore. How are y’all not going to call PI on the nd zone and in OT. Y’all are terrible.

Joseph Duesler –

The challenge ref reviewer for today’s Packers seems to be viewing the monitor with his butthole, how about fitting him for a monocle.