Mad Mike –

Shame on the refs in the Seahawks Redskins game this used to be a fair game shame on all of you


Brenda Olson –

The refs for the Seahawks and Redskins were in my opinion were biased against the Seahawks. There were many blatant fouls by the Redskins that were never called. Shame on you refs for lack of being honorable.

Robert Clemenson –

Are you kidding me with the Seattle game if you want to screw us take us out to dinner first.

A Anderson –

Wth!!! I can’t believe how many bad Calls you make against the Seahawks! Always making bad Calls against them. The fans are tired if your crap. You need to get your priority’s in order. Stop playing sides and favorite s!


isabelle heatherly –

Hi I have been watching the seattle seahawks game and you guys have not been calling calls that NEED to be made.

lowell shields –

the seahawk/saint game on the 30th was rigged. I’ve seen obvious biased officiating before and this is the worst. The only other one on this scale was the rigged super bowl when seattle had the game stolen by the refs for the steelers benefit. I quit buying anything NBA when repeatedly it was this obvious that games were rigged. I will never buy anything NFL if this crap continues. This is blatant bias. somebody was paid off, that’s how it looked. There were obvious no calls on the saints and crap calls on the seahawks. I’m damn close to just boycotting the NFL altogether. I’ve watched since before the first super bowl, I’ve never seen it this blatantly bad.

shane meeks –

hi us N.F.L fans are not happy with the referees of the n f l they are getting to flag happy against the defenes like the Seattle Seahawks your referees need to what a penlty is your referees called a lot of penltys against the Seahawks this is a bunch of crap for you guys are doing when we played the chargers more pentlys were called against the sehawks than the chargers that’s why we lost that game your referees were changing the calls pentlys that should have being called aginst the chargers were called aginst the seahawks tell your referees to get there calls straighted out us seahawks fans are not happy about this.