Week 7 – NFL Officials Game Assignments

This week, I’m splitting the weekly post into two sections.  This one will simply cover the list of who goes where for NFL Week 7 (some are already up).  For discussion of bad/missed calls and other hot topics this weekend, I’ll create a separate post momentarily.


Week 6 – General Discussion

We’ve already posted a few of the officials for week 6, so it’s time to start talking.  Let us know about the officials for the other games, and also use this thread to discuss any noteworthy calls during the games.

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh reprimanded for criticizing Pac-10 officials

After Saturday’s 28-21 loss to Notre Dame, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh made it clear he wasn’t pleased with the officials:

We got a couple of bad calls. It’s hard to imagine people don’t know football any better than that. Maybe I’ll be swayed differently after I see the replay, but from what I saw on the field, I still can’t get over it. It was a really bad call. It should have been our ball and a touchdown for us.

Unfortunately for Jim, there were two problems with those comments:

  1. The officials were correct.  Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen confirmed that the call was correct.
  2. Pac-10 rules prohibit coaches from commenting publically on officiating.

I’m a big Jim Harbaugh fan, but he really should have kept his mouth shut this time.

Any idea who the head official was in that game?

Week 5 – General Discussion

Week 5 is almost upon us — the season is flying by!  As always, use this thread to help us fill out the referee list for this week, and let us know of any strange/unusual/controversial calls you see this weekend.

Hochuli involved in another controversial call: helmet-to-helmet in ATL-CAR

If not for the mess in week one, this probably wouldn’t even be a story.  Unfortunately, it is.

Early in the first quarter of the Falcons-Panthers game today, referee Ed Hochuli flagged Julius Peppers for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan.  The play had resulted in an interception and a touchdown for the Panthers, but it was called back due to the penalty.  Should it have been called?

I watched the game live, and thought it was the right call.  It certainly appeared to be helmet-to-helmet, although it wasn’t very hard and it didn’t seem to be intentional.  I really think this was a call that could go either way.  Sadly for Hochuli, the call had a very direct impact on the game, taking seven points away from the Panthers.  Like his call a few weeks ago, he threw the flag before the “big play” happened, so he had no way of knowing how important the call would be.

If I can find a video or screencap of the hit, I’ll post it here.  Please let me know if you find one.

Jerry Jones fined $25K for comments about the referees

Just days after Saints’ coach Sean Payton was fined $15,000 for ripping the officials, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been fined $25,000 for a similar offense.

Jones had made comments about Ed Hochuli‘s famous week one mistake in the Broncos-Chargers game.  Jones admits he was out of line, saying that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is “doing his job”.

Jones was fined more than Payton because owners are held to a higher standard.  Chargers coach Norv Turner was not fined for referring to the blown call as “unacceptable”, since he limited himself to that single word and referred all other questions about the matter to the league office.

Saints coach Sean Payton fined $15K for criticizing officials

According to ESPN, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has been fined $15,000 by the NFL for criticizing the officals after last week’s 34-32 loss to the Denver Broncos.

Specifically, Payton was upset that an obvious neutral zone infraction wasn’t called with 2:40 left in the game.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear to all teams that they are welcome to talk to him about officiating problems, but any public criticism (like Payton’s) will result in disciplinary action.

The referee in the Saints-Broncos game last week was Ron Winter, though this call would have been the responsibility of his Head Linesman or Line Judge.

Week 4 – General Discussion

Here is your weekly thread to discuss the games coming up this weekend.  We’ve got the game-by-game ref listing here — please help us fill out the schedule as you hear about which refs are working each game.

Once the games start, let us know what kind of interesting calls you see.

Week 3 – General Discussion

As you’re watching the games today, let us know if you see anything interesting with the refs.

Here is a page listing the refs for each game — pleave comments below to help us fill the rest out.

Hochuli unsure about working this Sunday?

It seems that Ed Hochuli may be considering taking a week off, based on a small change on his “official” website.

As of yesterday, the site proudly proclaimed that Ed would be working the Browns-Ravens game this Sunday.  Today, that message changed to:

Week 3: Sunday, Sept. 21st – Check back Sunday Morning

I’ll admit — this might not mean anything.  Still, I find it quite odd that they’d take down the game listing at this point in time.

Mike Pereira, the NFL’s supervisor of officials, has already come out and encouraged Ed to get back out there.  Between that, Ed’s apology, no suspension from the league, and the listing on his site, I assumed he was good go to.  Maybe not.

Anyone have any good information about this?  If so, please leave it in the comments below.